Monday, May 06, 2013

Food review: Umami Hambaagu House

This meal is P340. For the price, I don't see myself going out of my way to eat here, but if ever you're in the area, Umami's burgers do make it worth the occasional visit.

You will most likely order the hambaagu set which comes with fries (good), salad (good), edamame (good), and rice (okay). The price would depend on which burger you order: there are those with truffle, foie gras, and mushroom; I chose the Maison du Japon, which comes with melted gruyère cheese and caramelized onions.

My burger was firm and juicy (one other friend—the exception—said hers was dry). It's really what I expected it to taste like—creamy (although the cheese crusted on top), with a tiny zing from the onion—no surprises, although you may ask for Japanese mayonnaise to spice it up a bit.

Surprisingly, for what looked like a tiny serving (to me at least), it was filling. Though I wish they'd serve more of the delicious fries.

Corn soup and Hole in One Burger were not available when we were here. When we asked why, one of the waitresses seemed to have an attitude: "Eh wala po, eh." (Though she belatedly added it was because they ran out of cream.)

She also rather huffily corrected my pronunciation of "maison" (meh-zon) to "mai-son" (short 'a') but I opted to suffer in silence because I felt that 6 units of French does not give me the license to correct her.

The other waitress (now I feel bad for not having remembered their names) was more pleasant—filling our water without prodding and letting us know that we can ask for more servings of the salad. Anyway, if you meet them both, you'd be able to tell who's the sulky one.

Despite being full, the restaurant was so quiet on the Sunday night we were here—it almost felt wrong to laugh among friends.

The menu is beautifully photographed (which makes it challenging to order because you want them all!) and the actual servings give them justice. The styling of the restaurant, which is kawaii, is topnotch.


Umami Hambaagu House

The Grove by Rockwell, C5
Ugong, Pasig
+63 2 695 3643

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