Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coffee Prince

After many, many years, I've finally resumed watching Coffee Prince.

It does not disappoint, lol.

* * * *

It is also with deep sadness that I learned of Masaki Koh's death. If you don't know Masaki, that's probably good news.

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Bunny said...

This is the only Korean telenovela I watched.

HIndi ko kilala si Masaki Koh.

I just googled him. Sayang!

Jason D. said...

I'm also watching Boys Over Flowers, haha.

Lol @ Masaki.

Jessel Duque said...

Didn't know Masaki Koh. For a while, I thought you were referring to one of the Coffee Princes, who had also passed away.

Jason D. said...

Di mo naman kasi market si Makasi :-P

re: one of the Coffee Princes - yeah, that makes me a little sad, too.

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