Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dynasty note cards from Isabel Gatuslao

I have added new note cards to my collection, thanks to the latest work of the beautiful and talented, Isabel Gatuslao!

Personally, I'm really just happy that we have a 100% Filipino-made stationery that are this stylish and well made. Because you see, for the longest time—despite globalization and a new millenniumlocally made stationery were cheap and baduy, or average at best.

This Dynasty collection is her second after Anglophilia, which I blogged about here. You may read about Isabel's design story in her website.

Embossed in gold foil, the Chinese dragon is also the Yang in Yin & Yang. The oriental cloud drawing forming a geometric tile pattern and set on a pale hue.

This photo has a sepia filter because I think it really brings out its Wong Kar-wai quality, haha. (Incidentally, I had just completed his trilogy of Days of Being Wild, In the Mood for Love, and 2046, when I saw the latter two weeks ago.)
It's very romantic. Or imperial, if you're writing to a subordinate, lol.

Just look at those details, particularly of the scales! The printing is obviously topnotch because as you can see, there are no cracks or smudges. I also love how the back, with what to me is a pink salmon color, softens the entire look; otherwise, it could really be intimidating and may send an entirely different message!

Embossed in turquoise foil, the Chinese guardian lions or Foo dogs are found in imperial palaces for protection. The female on the left side restrains her cub and the male on the right rests his paw on the the world. The blue lattice pattern is found in interior ceilings and dividers.

This one has no filter, except for a vignette effect.

As you can see in the close-ups, the quality is excellent. The design is quite playful, but still very luxe. It would be perfect to send to people who hosted you as house guests since these dogs symbolize protection.

Or you can send it to James Yap, lol.

As a bonus, Isabel also writes about when and how to write a thank you note. (I've been a purveyor of writing gratitude cards, and I still learned quite a number of tips from her entry.)

All highlighted product descriptions are taken from her site. Note cards are P475 for a set of 10.

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'chelle said...

These are beautiful! They're going to be so hard to resist when I come across them at NBS :P

Jason D. said...

I went straight for them when I passed by NBS, haha.

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