Monday, February 18, 2013

My review of Les Jamelles Pinot Noir 2010

Here's what I thought of the wine:

sadfklbluhrlk;lb l;lkur bklurh  lsadfdsf kdfsdf sfsdf ljlkl;j. falllksdf ;lk;lk lojoe; ;asdlk sdf lkool;oopw lloonnb cvrrgvrvb. vwadf. bklurh  sadfklbluhrlksadfklbluhrlk;lb l;lkur bklurh  lsadfdsf kdfsdf sfsdf ljlkl;j.

qxomo sadfklbluhrlk weasdfbkurh krjuughb rbu; arrgknlk bklurh  dfalllksdf ;lk;lk lojoe; ;asdlk sdf lkool;oopw falllksdf ;lk;lk lojoe; ;asdlk sdf lkool;oopw lloonnb cvrrgvrvb. vwadf. bklurh  sadfklbluhrlk lloonnb cvrrgvrvb. vwadf. bklurh  sadfklbluhrlk

qxomo falllksdf ;lk;lk lojoe; ;asdlk sdf lkool;oopw lloonnb cvrrgvrvb. vwadf. bklurh  sadfklbluhrlk weasdfbkurh krjuughb rbu; arrgknlk dfalllksdf ;lk;lk lojoe;

sdf lkool;oopw lloonnb cvrrgvrvb. vwadf.

Translation: Got too drunk to care.

I'm crossing off "Drink wine once a month" off my list after a harrowing 9 hours last Saturday, which involved a lot of vomit, headcahe, stomach acheall while dealing with a flooded apartment* I don't have anyone to blame except my stupid selfwhat can one expect from drinking an entire bottle in less than two hours.

* * * *

In other news, I'm transferring to Google Plus for now because I love the UI (it looks like the smarter and dignified cousin of Facebook) and because I'm attempting to harness the collated power of Google trying to streamline my online presence once again ("By creating a new site?" the devil's advocate smirked). I'll have less control of my page layout, I know, so I'm still not sure if I can fully make the transition; we'll see.

Do add me up. Thanks!

*Out of nowhere, I heard a waterworld sound from my bed; I rushed downstairs to see a gallon of distilled water spilled on the floor

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