Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday 'blues'

When Richelle aka weekendsinthecity asked for my postal address weeks ago, I was thrilled because as her blog follower, I know she's been making handcrafted cards and I would be happy—honored even—to receive one of her creations.

Imagine my surprise, when instead of a postcard, which was what I expected, I received a brown package and therein contained not just one, but so many of her magical works.

Aside from a very sweet note, she sent me my very first washi type in my favorite print (Richelle's collection was recently featured in Inquirer); ink-stained (or is it watercolor?) stickers, which she made herself (I love how organic they look); and a cute paper origami which I'm unfraid to unfold because knowing myself, I won't be able to put it back together, haha!

She also made "resolution reminder cards" which I sorely need because this early, I'm already starting to slack away, e.g., my last blog entry was in January! Plus, a couple of just-in-case emergency note cards. Note too her beautiful calligraphy:

More note cards, this time with a cheeky, "Hoy!" Haha, lovett!

As if those weren't enough, she also sent in Filipino Thank You cards. Her design and calligraphy are gorgeous and elegant; I also love the linen finish of the paper she used. If she starts selling these, I'd be first in line and I'm sure she'd make a killing.

Monday mornings are hardly as perfect as this. Thank you!

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ang ganda ng handwriting nya!

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