Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Film: Flight

What should be strictly a courtroom drama is stretched to two hours of convoluted film that attempts to deal with addiction, abusive relationships, ethics, morality, and justice.

Surprisingly, it works.

Denzel Washington plays a pilot who miraculously lands a plane after a harrowing flight. (If you are boarding a plane in the next few days, stay away from this film—it's traumatizing. Tatin: "Siguro naman wala 'to sa in-flight entertainment ng airlines!") He's a hero, without a doubt, but his checkered past threatens to pin him down in the crash investigation.

Audiences would be challenged to take sides in a debate that is hardly black or white. This is compounded by a compelling portrayal of an alcoholic by Denzel, whose arrogance and nuanced defiance are most often effortlessly (and sufficiently) expressed by his eyes. For someone who passes uncompromising judgement on people and issues, I found it hard to make up my mind on him.

Rating: 8.5/10

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