Monday, January 21, 2013

Wine: 2011 Santa Rosa Shiraz-Malbec

One of my New Year's resolutions is to try a bottle of wine each month, and for January, I picked the 2011 Santa Rosa Shiraz-Malbec (Argentina). On hindsight, I realized it was a bad choice for a novice like me since I'm not educated enough to have appreciated the combination of the blend. I should have first gone with either Shiraz (my original plan was to get an Australian, for which it is famous, but I balked at the price, lol) or Malbec, both of which share a similar profile: medium- to full-bodied, fruity and spicy, and high in tannin.

The 2011 Santa Rosa Shiraz-Malbec has a deep cherry color, with a velvety mixture. While aromatic—I imagined a plum and blackberry vineyard* heavily covered with foliage in the nighttime, when the earth, now moist, is cooling from the summer day—the intensity is light and you'll have to bring your glass closer to your nose if you want to get a whiff.

The taste, initially full-bodied, turned soft and smooth as I gave it a whirl in my mouth—its spiciness and tannin (that bitter quality of reds) had a short finish. I did not find it acidic at all. 

Nevertheless, it is still formal enough to be paired with an entrée, preferably dinnertime and specifically, with red meat. I tried it which chicken, and the wine easily overwhelmed my meal. (I then peppered my chicken with... um, pepper, in my attempt to harmonize the two—and it worked! So I think this wine would complement saucy Spanish dishes (mine was afritada; it would probably clash with the more complex Indian or Thai cuisine.) With beef, it was perfect; I loved how it added seriousness to my corned beef, lol.

I wouldn't recommend this as a gift to your host only because it can be very imposing, especially if you're not aware of the menu and you expect it to be opened immediately.

*I labored to find a Filipino equivalent since I found my sentence pretentious, but I couldn't. :-P

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Carlo said...

One of my former day jobs was in a restaurant that specializes on wine and small plates. I have forgotten all about I've learned about wine in that restaurant mainly because my friend who was teaching me at that time, and I, were both drunk already!

One of the best wines I have ever tasted was very simple. It was a house rioja from the Museo del Jamon in Madrid. It was perfect with jamon and queso.

Of course, SLOW cooking red sauce with a splash of wine is always good. And yes, more wine during the meal, please.

Red Lambrusco wine from Reggio Emelia (think Ferrari, Pavarotti and Balsamic Vinegar) is one of my favorites. It is a sweet wine and should be serve chilled. Great with anything edible or by itself. (Sigh) It brings back memories of dining in a warm restaurant while watching the snow fall during Mid-Advent in Italy.

Slow cooked chicken adobo on a warm of garlic fried rice served with a glass of Italian red is perfect at any time. Hey, that didn't come from me- it came from my ex! Hihihihihihi! Seriously.

Champagne or sparkling wine is always good with dark chocolate. I don't really have a thing for chocolate covered strawberries unless it's dark chocolate and paired with champagne. I always go for the usual Moet Chandon but Veuve Clicquot for special occasions. Sorry but any type of rose' is too dry for my taste.

Sorry, I do not really know my wines very well but I do know which one to serve on my dinner parties that are quite small and intimate.

Carlo said...

Oh oh! Maybe we should learn this together?

Jason D. said...

Would love to but I'm pretty sure I'll have limited selection here. Let me snoop around; I'm also keeping tabs on your recommendations :-)

Carlo said...

My recommendations.... YIKES! I usually forget them because I have already enjoyed them. And sometimes I do not even bother to know their names.

We're still talking about wine.

Maybe a muscato paired with dark chocolate?

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