Friday, December 07, 2012

Same Love (Happy Manila Pride Day!)

Thank you to @candypop for introducing me to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. (I'm a frustrated hip hop music lover :-P Seriously. My iTunes' first ever Genius Mix is 'Neo Soul.') I was entertained enough by their song, Thrift Shop to get their entire album, and while listening to it at work, this song, Same Love, played.

When I googled for its music video, this beautiful and poignant film was the result:

* * * * 

While having lunch earlier today, we teased a colleague to schedule a date with her husband so they could hold hands while walking. She pretended to look disgusted (as I'm sure she was kidding) but I did tell the all-straight group not to take seemingly small things like that for granted because for gay couples, that is not something we can do in public without inviting ridicule or worse.

On that note, Manila will be celebrating Pride March tomorrow, December 8, in Makati. For details, visit and

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