Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Miss Universe 2012 bets (updated)

Postscript (12/21/12):

Bonggang, bonggang, bougainvillea!

I was floored by how she worked that otherwise questionable gown, fanning it out and waving it around like she was goddess of the wind.

She has also given us the best Q&A by a Filipina ever, one that made me confident we had it in the bag this year. (My tweet annoucing Philippines' win was ready; I had to delete it :-P)

Oh well. USA, with her perfectly symmetrical face and boobs, seems nice and looks like she'll be awesome for the job. All the same, I'm happy we've set a record by having three consecutive Top 5 placements. I hope the streak continues next year.

I got 7/16 guesses, excluding Croatia, which I mentioned below but didn't include in my final list. Missosology got 8/16, so I guess it's not that bad. There were a lot of surprises this year, but none as fab as this moment, when Venezuela (by the way, I love her and that's without any sarcasm; lakas maka-eksena ng lola nyo, lol) answered her question:

 LOL!!! And she still ended up in third place!
* * * * 

Aight, let's see if I can manage to get a passing rate this time :-P Ever since Donald Trump started personally picking some of the finalists, I've done very poorly in guessing who makes the cut in the finals. (Also, holding the contest in December is not a good idea! With all the holiday rush, I barely had the time to follow this pageant. I can't believe I haven't blogged about the National Costumes for the first time in years :-(  Hopefully I can squeeze it in later.)

These are ladies who I think have what it takes to make it all the way to the Top 5: (All photos are from






Puerto Rico

South Africa

Sri Lanka


Yep, there are nine of them, hehe.

My favorite for the win would be South Africa. I truly like Janine (Philippines) and her transformation had been amazing, but I am feeling nervous about her evening gown (which decides which makes it to Top 5). Venus almost failed to make Top 5 in 2010, also because of her gown and I think she has a much better catwalk than Janine. I'm not sure about Janine now as I was with Venus and Shamcey.

Others I see making the cut are:




I would have placed Finland higher but I didn't like her performance in the swimsuit round. Russia and Thailand's performances are a hit-or-miss, while USA has the sash factor and looks cute enough.

Rounding up my list are:




Jamaica and Netherlands have gorgeous hair and equally gorgeous bodies. Tanzania is beautiful and she looks like she's drunk when she's walking down the runway, and for that, I like her even more, lol.

These were the ladies that I loved in their evening gown, but I couldn't stand how thin they were in swimsuit:

Czech Republic


I liked Croatia too but her body isn't well-proportioned:

My overrated lady this year is Mexico, and nope, I'm not smarting from Manny Pacquiao's loss. :-P

The Miss Universe pageant airs in the Philippines on December 20 at 9:30 a.m. on Star World.

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Mel said...

Ang landi at kiri ni Miss Venezuela! Just watch how she picked out a question from that bowl!

Next year, super pressure for our candidate.

Jason D. said...

Haha, kiri is the exact term! Naka-2nd runner-up pa sa lagay na yon, lol.

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