Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moo x Facebook cards

Last week, I received a postal card in the mail, saying I had a parcel waiting for me at the Makati Central Post Office. The only thing I ordered online was my batch of Facebook cards from Moo, but I wasn't expecting that until December 31, as was indicated in my order confirmation.

"Ooh, maybe this is a delayed birthday surprise!" I told myself. (Feelingero! Lol.)

Well, as it turned out, it was in fact, my Facebook cards! (Still, yay! Lol.)

That came in fast! I remember the last time I ordered my Moo cards, it took two months before they arrived. (Though, Moo more than made up for it by sending me one other free set—I still haven't used up all 400pcs!)


This time though, my order was held up in the post office. (My previous order arrived in my mailbox.) I had to pay the standard P40, but then that's it. I ordered on November 24, it was shipped out of London on November 26, and it arrived here on December 10, or 10 business days later.

Facebook cards are FREE for a limited time. Aside from the postal fee, I only had to pay £2.75 (about P184) for the shipping fee, and that's it—you get 50 free business cards! Moo will import up to the first 50 of your Facebook cover photos and you'll get equal quantities of each design.

Yay, indeed!
The card holder includes tabs so you can separate your cards from those you receive from associates.

I'm happy with how mine turned out :-)

My photo of the Zuellig building (with Snapseed filters) looks blurry here, but in person, it looks okay.

I also like how my David Hockney cover looked.

You can customize everything, save for the job title and address icons. For the profile photo, you can only choose one. Make sure yours is cropped properly. Note how mine has white in the edges. Once you've uploaded everything in Facebook, make sure you don't change anything (e.g., cover and profile photos, Facebook URL) until Moo has confirmed that your order has been printed and shipped out.

At the back, you can choose a quotation or whatever statement you'd like to share. In my case, I opted for a simple message. The Facebook URL is there by default I think, so make sure you customize yours to avoid printing out the default alphanumeric URL. The rest of the contact details may be edited.

Aside from the Facebook cards, they also have other stationery available, which are at 10 percent off, using my referral URL. Enjoy! :-)

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