Monday, December 03, 2012


Went home to my mother's hometown last Saturday to celebrate my Lolo's 94th birthday.

The food alone was worth it—I ate with my hands, which is how I actually eat at home, but nevertheless, it felt different being outside the house and in the company of those outside my immediate circle.

In a way, I was dreading this mini-reunion because I was sure I was going to be asked about when I plan on settling down; however, they directed those questions at another male cousin—I didn't realize until then that I have one older bachelor cousin left. If he gets married (I think he's engaged now, I'm not sure), then that's the time I'll bear the brunt of marriage questions.

Relatives are nosy, aren't they? Though I can't blame them because those seem to be the only topic they can conjure for small talk: marriage, kids, and weight.

If you're single, they'll ask you when you're going to get married.

If you're married, they'll ask you when you're going to have a kid.

If you're married with one kid, they'll ask when you plan to have another.

If you have kids, plural, who happen to be both (or all) boys or all girls, then they'll ask you if you're trying to gun for the opposite sex.

If you're married with kids—and congratulations, you have a boy and a girl—then they'll ask you why you're fat.

My relatives have been nice enough to keep mum about a cousin who's a single parent. They've also been mum about why I've never introduced a girlfriend ever—I hope it's because they're scared of what I might answer. :-P

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KatrinaAtienza said...

Haha, you are so right on the money with the small talk questions. I guess these are true for every family so dapat i-expect na. Pero nakakapikon pa din e, lol. My sister, who's been married four years w/o kids, just answers "I don't like kids e" when she gets asked question #2. Priceless ang mga expression ng askers!

Deepa said...

Totoo! The questions never stop!

Jason D. said...

Dati ang default answer ko re: walang asawa, wala pa kong ipon. Kaso I realized kung yun palagi excuse baka sabihin ang purita ko naman, lol.

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