Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cloud Atlas: A veritable cheerleader

Cloud Atlas makes a beautiful point. On one level, it nags you: why the f*ck are you living a boring life? (Rest assured the movie put it more elegantly.)

The stronger and more solid argument is: you are important to this world more than you could ever process it. It's as trite as nuggets of wisdom can be but with six plots that span across six timelines (the film runs close to three hours), the message had to be palpable.

In one, friendship is the aboliton of slavery. In another, music is the delicate maneuvering of sexual tension. My favorite, truth is revolution. "If I had remained invisible, the truth would have stayed hidden and I couldn't allow that," says one protagonist. "Now, someone knows."

It is your duty to matter—hopefully, for good reasons.

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We chose the 11 p.m. screening and we got out of the theater close to 2 a.m.—pucha, ba't wala naman nag-warning sa 'kin, lol. So there, consider yourself warned :-)

Also, I almost always fall asleep during late-night screenings but Cloud Atlas kept me awake the entire time.

My mind was racing during the first three quarters of the film, trying to stitch together the characters who all figure in the six plots that run in different timelines ALL concurrently. It was only when I stopped trying that it became more entertaining (so there's another tip).

Personally, I think the reincarnation references were more a production device than an integral part of the storyline. (So they could use only this particular set of actors; then again, I haven't read the book.) It was distracting having to guess for example, if the actor under all those prosthetics was indeed Halle Berry or Hugh Grant, etc. (By the way, some of the visual effects were successful, others were disconcerting.) So if you could shut that part of your brain wherein you're trying to guess who's who, then good.

Rating: 8/10

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The becky subplot = .
Audience members who jeered/expressed ickiness at the sight of two guys kissing = @#$%!@!!!


This reminds me of a straight guy, I won't say from where, who I heard complaining that a gay guy was looking at him.

Yung straight guy mukhang paniki (specifically, si Bartok)!!! So sa mga straight dyan na kung mandiri sa bading, pwede ba, magkape nga kayo. Ang dami nyo kayang pangit, mabaho, at sakit sa ulo ng magulang nyo. Hmp.

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