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A zombie-themed Christmas gift-wrapping contest

We've had a grand Christmas dinner among close friends for the last four years but it was only last year when we started to implement a gift-wrapping challenge. This meant we had to wrap the gift ourselves. It's not any of my strongest suits; in fact, that was the first time I ever wrapped present in my life, so I was pretty darn proud when I ended up with this.

Of course, my friends' boxes were much better. :-P

This year, we added a twist: we were going to have a theme from now on. And Jill, being the winner last year, set the theme: Zombie Apocalypse. I was floored.

The first thing I did was google, "Zombie gift wrap," but that did not help. There were no results, not even for wrapping gifts the Halloween way. (Most results showed a Halloween gift guide.)

It did not help that at this time, stores have removed their Halloween-related stock to make way for jolly and festive Christmas stuff. Quite a number of us actually went to malls and asked the salespersons for "anything horror" much to their puzzlement.

On the day of the event, when we all arrived at Jill's home, everyone kept their work secret until the very last minute, although there were traces. I, for example still had lip tint stains on my fingernails because that's what I used for blood. ("Sosyal!" Tatin quipped, lol.) Also, everyone was like, "Nakakahiya yung akin" or "Wala, talo na ko." (Pero hello, nung ni-reveal, mga kabogera naman!) Only Pam seemed very confident with her work, and as it turned out, she had reason to.

It was also interesting that I expected our gifts would somehow all look like, but as it turned out, we all had a different approach! (All photos by Pam and Jill.)

Except for Jill, everyone kept their wrapping under... erm, wraps.

I was pretty happy with my work. I initially wanted a skull as my box but I couldn't find any and there was no way I could make one (though I already have the perfect wig to go with it). I was absolutely stumped until I decided to just draw on my present:

As expected, it was nowhere near my friends' gimmicks, lol.

Jill's gorgeous presents used bloodied cotton fabric over kraft paper. She also gave so many gifts, we kidded it was a pang-kabuhayan showcase.

Giff had to bow out of the competition, which was excellent for the rest of us (lol) because he is strong competition. So he just made this cute pink-themed box:

Nel had a story behind his gift: A human was supposed to retrieve a nuclear weapon to decimate the zombies but it was too late as suggested by the blood markings.

I liked Lele's, which looked like an artwork: Gradient blue-gray fabric, wrapped furoshiki-style.

Another purveyor of the furoshiki wrapping is Jolo, who added a bloodied battle ax among the holiday ornaments:

Hours before the party, Tatin told me she was thinking of dropping out of the competition. I told her it might become an issue, so just do ANYTHING that could make it zombie-like.

"Pwedeng mag-punit punit na lang papel?" she asked.

When it was her turn to present her gift, she said she needed time to prepare. She went beside an electrical outlet and plugged her gift:

KABOGERA!!! Everyone stood up and and went, "Oooh and "Aaah" as if ngayon lang nakakita ng ilaw (lol), until someone shouted Tatin should be penalized for adding to Jill's electric bill, lol.

As it turned out, Tatin drew my name so this gift was mine. While opening it, I couldn't help but blurt, "Ang pangit!" LOL. The 'brain' freaked me out—although this was nothing compared to the other brain.

"Ang pangit!!!" LOL.

Gia had the same theme as her boyfriend's Jolo, only hers came with a mask, which Giff had to test drive.

Coco, who ended up as runner-up, brought out this foot, which seemed to be giving us the flip sign, lol. The toes were freaky and felt almost real!

And then it was time for eventual champion Pam's gift, which is beyond words. Anong sabi ng CSI?!

The 'brain' is in fact, cauliflower! Brilliant!

As if that wasn't enough (show off!), she also produced a crate:

which contained this:

At which point, I asked myself: 'Do I really know my friends well?" LOL. Pam had an elaborate story, which explains that the brain is from a zombie mother and that this was her daughter, e.g., a zombie baby.

Coco had to retrieve one of his presents from the baby's tummy. The fact that the doll kept crying while he was fishing for his gift made it even freakier.

Overall, it was epic! Since she is the winner, Pam will determine our 2013 Christmas theme and I'm sure it will be just as challenging.

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Pam Pastor said...

Hahaha! Tawa ako ng tawa while reading this! I'm telling you, it could have been worse! I was planning to give the baby bloody intestines that Coco had to dig through pero I didn't know where I could get liquid latex. I was going to use gulaman (i actually bought gulaman bars!) but I was worried na langgamin eh! (although that would have added to the effect)

Jason D. said...

Grabe na, walkout na ko pag ganon, haha.

Showed the pics to my officemates and grabe daw yung effort!

Pam Pastor said...

haha! actually ang pinakakapagod lang dun yung stamping!

tatiny said...

Hahahahaha, all caps talaga yun kabogera ko!!!

Jason D. said...

Pano naman, di daw ready kuno :-p

Christian Shan Abellaneda said...

OMG you and your friends are awesome! :) I loved the yellow box, the arm and the cauliflower brain! :)

Deepa said...

OH. MY. GOD. This is made of awesomeness. Palakpakan!!!

Jason D. said...

@facebook-689647584:disqus They're all competitive! Haha!

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