Wednesday, December 26, 2012

500 miles

After 15 years, my high school class finally had a "mini-reunion" last Friday. It.was.AWESOME. We went home around 7 a.m. the following day!

It was nice to see "the boys" successfully organizing everything: from the venue, to the food, and generally keeping the energy high and the conversation going.

Almost all of them are fathers now—they've always been nice to, almost protective of, us beckies in our junior and senior years, but I dunno, I guess I've missed being around straight male friends—but I really felt the love from them that night. Roel sort of made them promise that should they ever have a gay child, they'd treat him or her well. (Some of the quotable responses: "I've always thought it'd be cool to have a lesbian daughter," "I'd prefer a gay son over a lesbian," and the best one, "Becky or not, we are all brothers." LOL.)

We played drinking games, the consequences of which shall remain confidential. Also, I am someone's 'mancrush,' lol. (And he happens to be cute! In my head, I was like, "Now you tell me?" Lol.)

* * * *

Apparently, I have been living under a rock. I've just 'discovered' David Guetta.

Also, this has to be in my wedding party playlist:

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Jay Salvador ♌ said...

Iba talaga ang brotherhood and camaraderie pag all-boys.

Carlo said...

So tell me, who is the guy who has a man crush on you? Send me a private message via Facebook.

While we're at it, will you also please send me your mailing address? Thank you!

Jason D. said...

Sorry Carlo, can't share details. What happened at the reunion, stays at the reunion. :-)

Will reply with my address via FB.

Jason D. said...

True, ang sarap! Haha.

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