Thursday, November 22, 2012

Film: Rosemary's Baby

This was a spillover from my Halloween movie marathon; I managed to see this only the other night. I knew the plot included satanism, so I tried to delay watching it because from previous experiences, the films that cost me days' worth of sleep––The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose––both involved the devil.

It was then quite a surprise that I actually loved the film.

Mia Farrow's character is class.

I love how she waltzes around in her penthouse unit in pigtails, and trapeze and baby doll dresses, and at night, swathes herself in billowing night gowns.

It was also in this movie that she launched her much-publicized Vidal Sassoon five-point haircut, which was referenced in the film.

Husband: (seeing the haircut for the first time): What is that?!
Rosemary: I paid for Vidal Sassoon
Husband: How could you pay for that?

LOL. What does he know?

The haircut proved to be a wise choice because it showed off her graceful neck, high cheekbones, and beautiful features.

As for the movie, I read that director Roman Polanski opted to film scenes with as little cuts as possible: the camera is slow and lingering; you follow the actors around, watch their movements... and wait. This is as opposed to how horror movies are done these days, wherein sudden sounds or visuals are created to jolt the unsuspecting viewer; there is NONE of that here. In Rosemary's Baby, fear is a constant hum that lasts you until the very last shot. My heart was pounding throughout the whole time as my mind raced for what the possibilities might be.

A definite classic! They don't make movies like this anymore.

Rating: 10/10

5 * :

KatrinaAtienza said...

I LOOOOVE this movie! I showed it to my husband but he totally didn't get my enthusiasm. I was like, how can you not love this after that scene with the SPOILER black crib with the inverted crucifix mobile and the witch ninang?! SPOILER

Laurene said...

I love Rosemary's Baby! :) It's in my hall of fame for horror (my top film is The Shining).

Jason D. said...

YES! Imbis na matakot, tawa ko ng tawa, haha.

I also loved Mia's reaction when everyone was telling her how terrible she looked, lol.

Jason D. said...

I recently saw The Shining too! Good build up as well.

KatrinaAtienza said...

SPOILER SPOILER Favorite line:
"Satan is his father, not Guy!" hahaha winner!!!

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