Sunday, November 25, 2012

Paper, lots and lots of paper (updated)

The moment I saw Daphne's blog post on Isabel Gatuslao's paper products, I knew I had to have them. And when I finally had the chance to go to the mall earlier (Powerplant), I headed straight to National Bookstore for them.

They are as pretty in person as they are online. I got the dog with houndstooth design and the eagle emblem with chevron:

They are also as thick as advertised so you won't have to mind which pen to use, and are proudly made in the Philippines. Finally.

I then made an inventory of the notecards I have at home. (I keep a couple in my office.)

These were given by Pam and Jill when they got back from their New York vacation. The purple ones are by Cynthia Rowley, while the earthy ones are Creative Papers by C.R. Gibson. (The latter also remind me of Cathy Kidston prints.) They are perfect to use during the summer or to send to my girly friends.

While I was in the middle of my "shoot," my sister came and proudly showed me a stationery which she had just bought herself:


Speaking of which,

This was also given by Pam and I haven't found the right occasion to use them. I'm thinking they'll nicely go with bridal shower gifts or for kids or for whenever I'm in the mood for a prank or silly present.

These meanwhile are gorgeous:

They were given by Tatin as a birthday present. Whereas Isabel's note cards are thick, these ones by Crane are thin (made of 100% cotton paper) but still elegant in their own way. The initial is hand-engraved, while the richly thick envelope is lined with gold in linen texture.

Available in National Bookstore.

I've blogged about these (The Art of Writing 'Thank You') and I'm still in love with them. The notecards are also in linen finish and feature an embossed Eiffel tower design.

Printed by Peter Pauper Press. They are stocked in Fully Booked.

This is another birthday gift by Tatin, and I'm down to my very last card. These are by a local company, Paperio, and I love the masculine, art deco feel to it. They're thick too and have served me well; I think I'm keeping this last piece for myself :-)

I'll update this tomorrow with the ones I have in the office, particularly the one that Jill bought in Venice, which features a baroque design with gold details.

* * * *

Here are the notecards which I've stashed in the office, in case of emergencies. These are my default ones:

And these are the carta di Firenze given by Jill when she toured Italy.

I love the intricate details. It's even more breathtaking in person; when I write on it with my awful penmanship, it's like I'm vandalizing a work of art! :-P

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Carlo said...

Reminds me of my favorite paper store in Venice- Rivoaltus.

Jason D. said...

I hope you got the e-card I sent you. Not quite the paper ones like those in the link you provided, but I hope it's close enough :-)

Kal Lamigo said...

beautiful but i think it's not available in all nbs

Jason D. said...

I think her FB page has a list of the NBS stores which carry it. I got mine from Rockwell and Powerbooks Greenbelt :-)

Kal Lamigo said...


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