Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lee Min Ho–so up close

My interview on Lee Min Ho is out today. Here's our photo together, haha:

Credit: Jill Lejano

I was too shy to ask for a proper one; he was already late for the media press conference happening on the other side of the hotel and his entourage was in a real hurry. Anyway, I think this is one of my few photos in action. Also, 'sup low V, haha.

Lee Min Ho–so up close

On his TV show “Boys Over Flowers,” which catapulted him to fame not only in South Korea but also in Asia, Lee Min Ho played the leader of bullies who lorded it over an exclusive high school.

He’s tall, good-looking, and spoiled rich—in one episode, to infuriate a “commoner” who was traveling on a tugboat, he used a cruise ship to try to overturn it with massive waves.

There’s a catch: this bully, this guy feared by all, has permed bangs.

They were nothing like Michael Jackson’s curls, which by the way, he must have had naturally. They were more like a poodle’s pouf, deliberately fashioned on Lee Min Ho’s forehead.

That he made such a character believably vicious, when he could have been ridiculed for looking like a toy dog speaks something of his acting chops. That he made female fans derive masochistic delight from his tyrannical antics speaks volumes about his charm.

In the end, the beastly character softened, and Lee Min Ho, the actor, became a certified Asian star.

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The stars aligned’

Before his press conference, Super sat down with Lee Min Ho for a private interview. In our chat, which was translated by Sam Oh, he shared what ultimately made him start taking fashion seriously and what was supposed to be his secret, which he thinks his fans don’t know about.

What is your first impression of the Philippines? How was the crowd of fans at the airport?

I feel like I’m on vacation. It’s cold in Korea now, so the warm weather is a nice change.

In other countries, in my experience, the fans only come out after immigration, but here, they were there pre-immigration so that was a little surprising, but I was happy to see them. (What I was thinking: Aha, airport employees!)

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