Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Good job

This morning, I did not have enough time to browse through The Sartorialist's book or even carefully select what to wear. I suspect that would be the case for 4 out every 5 days: I prefer to hit the snooze button, check my Twitter and Flipboard feeds, read the news, and THEN, get up for work.

Anyway, here's what I ended up mixing and matching:

A grade schooler could've tucked that shirt better.

I have a Uniqlo shirt with pinstripes in mavy blue, a color which I'm beginning to seriously love (I've never been a one-color loyalist); H&M belt which Tatin gave me (and which has since gained an old-world patina); and pants from Arthur's.

I realized that those pants were one of two that I had tailored before going into my corporate job, which means I have maintained my waistline fairly well since that has been close to nine years ago. To be fair, it does cinch a bit uncomfortably with some muffin top action going on, but that's all rendered practically invisible thanks to the wonders of a tucked-in shirt.

I just noticed that the shirt is similar to the one on the photo (left) in my preceding post. What's up.

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