Monday, November 19, 2012

Food: Momo Cafe

The Ayala Triangle branch includes a loft that provides an overview of the normally buzzing restaurant.
Credit: Momo Café Facebook

When I invited my friends to have dinner at Momo CafĂ©, they asked me what it serves and I had to give it some thought before replying, "playful American." (Though in retrospect, I think the broader genus "Western" would have been more appropriate.)

For sure, it serves comfort food in the sense that all dishes are meant for sharing, and not because they're the type that Pinoys would feel sentimental about. The only Filipino dishes in the menu are those that are under All-Day Breakfast, whose servings include atchara and salted eggs with tomatoes. I recommend Mrs. Jones Tapa, a leaner counterpart to the one served in Mr. Jones, which is under the same group of Raintree Restaurants as Momo's.

Momo's tapa is a leaner version of the favorite from Mr. Jones.

Nevertheless, the Pinoy restraint is a sound decision: its Triangle Gardens branch is sandwiched between Kanin Club and Chef Laudico's BFast - All Day Breakfast Cafe, whose menus are heavily Filipino. In the area, Momo has a niche of its own: a homey and family-friendlier version of Friday's or Chili's.

Diners are served with toasted bread and pimento cheese with compliments of the restaurant.

On a different outing with my family, we ordered the Mexican Tower of Power, which to our pleasant surprise, was not pizza but a tower of nachos. In between the chips were chili con carne, mushrooms, olives, pickles, bell pepper, and various greensall generously drizzled with dripping cheese. My family enjoyed it so much before, I recommended it to friends. This time though, the cheese tasted watery and bland so the dish had a sloshy texture when eaten.

Hit or miss: Momo's Tower of Power Mexican pizza

Momo's Gourmet Salad was more consistent: it remained as fresh and delightful as it was on my first try with my family. It consists of cheese, eggs, a slice of orange, grapes, mushrooms, tomatoes, and caramelized walnuts, served with vinaigrette.

The cheery colors of Momo's Gourmet Salad

The 12-inch, thin-crust pizzas (Four Cheeses and Pepperoni) were as classic and beautifully toasted as pizzas can be. It's worth noting that they were served (along with the rest of our dishes) within 10 minutes after we ordered even if it was a full house.

The Four Cheeses and Pepperoni pizzas are served with generous toppings.

The restaurant, despite its relatively spacious two-level branch at Triangle Gardens, fills up quickly starting at 6 p.m. especially now that the park's Christmas Lights show has officially started. For some peace and quiet, lunch on the weekends is advisable.

Overall, I don't think I've been disappointed by Momo Café, though I definitely must find out what Momo means on my next visit.

Momo Café

Ayala Avenue, Ayala Triangle

+63 2 621 6161

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Steph Traveliztera said...

I'm trying to remember what I have ordered from that cafe before, but it was a long time agoooo... I can't remember! = (( Wow, look at that pizza!

Jason D. said...

Yeah, an interesting take on the pizza - we had to slice it like you would a regular one, which was weird because this one's crunchy.

Deepa said...

Baka MOMO...L?

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