Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snapshots, fourth week of October

I'm almost on my first 100 pages of The Casual Vacancy. (Thanks Richelle for sending me the eBook version!) I'm actually enjoying it even if the skeptic in me says JK Rowling wrote it with an epic film already in mind due to the sheer breadth of characters that are involved.

Went to Manila FAME. Entrance fee went down from P500 to P50 and that's the only reason why Giff, Jill, and Pam successfully made me go with them :-P (Originally planned on roaming around MOA while I waited for them.)

Birdcage ceiling lamps at Lugang (pronounced lukang) Cafe, a Taiwanese restaurant.
Luga in Tagalog means "earwax"; ng is a conjunction, describing what type of restaurant it is. 

Roast duck, also at Lugang. Review of the restaurant later.

I normally roll up my sleeves so I love this gray shirt from Topman.

Still at the MOA complex. Pam and I recalled how as kids, we asked the ferris wheel operator to prematurely stop the ride and let us off because we got scared of the height.

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Deepa said...

Nice hair! Yan pa rin yung DIY dye job mo?

Jason D. said...

Thanks! Yep still visible even after two haircuts, though obvious na yung roots :-P

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