Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion: FitFlop sandals

Grass green Sling in tumble leather

I was skeptical when I first heard of FitFlop, sandals that supposedly tone your legs. After two full days of walking around Bangkok wearing no other footwear, I became a convert.

More than the toning effect, what I loved most about FitFlop was that it's one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn (along with my pairs of Sebago, which deserve a separate post). Granted my pair of FitFlop falls under the sandals category—ergo, they are ideally comfortable—I was really impressed when I used my pair to tour the Asian city and my feet did not complain by nighttime.
Lake blue Sling in textile-nubuck leather combination

Compared to your normal sandals, FitFlop has about two inches of thick, firm padding, which is necessary for guys like me who have heavy feet. The first time I wore it, my heel felt like it sunk onto cloud nine—the insole deliciously cushioned the arch of my feet; I hardly felt the impact of each step I made. At the end of my day as a tourist, my feet may have been tired but my sole had no sore points even if I tried placing pressure on my usual problem areas. I didn't require a Thai foot massage! By next morning, I was ready for another day.

Also, despite its chunk, the sandals were as light as they could be. To top it all off, my toes could wiggle freely thanks to the Sling’s strap design.

(By the way, the reason why it took me this long to write a review is because I wanted to make sure the padding would remain as thick and firm as it was on its first day. After nine months, I'm happy to report that still holds true.)

Another advantage of the thick cushioning is that it protects your feet from getting dirty or wet, especially when there are small puddles on the street. Again, two inches of additional height surely do not hurt, especially for Pinoy guys :-)

Model wears Sling in blue. (Lol.)
Model wears the lake blue Sling in nubuck leather. (Lol.)

Going back to the toning effect, I did feel it activated leg muscles that don't normally sore during strenuous activities, though I doubt it would actually make a noticeable difference on your legs on the outside.

Overall, I do feel the incredible support it gives my feet and legs. When I switched footwear on my way to the airport (I always dress up for flights :-) after having used FitFlop extensively, I immediately felt the less-than-stellar performance of my boat shoes.

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