Monday, October 15, 2012

Film: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Will 10,000 live salmon imported from Britain survive in the Arabian peninsula? A sheik takes a British team to task: he wants to introduce salmon fishing to his desert country, the Yemen. (Who knew it required the article, 'the'? Also, who else thinks 'salmon fishing' should be hyphenated?) Fred (Ewan McGregor) as the UK government's fisheries expert initally dismisses it as a wealthy man's capricious project but later realizes there must be more to it than what appears to be a hobbyist's £50-million whim.

This romantic comedy, which is delightfully British in every way, would have probably become cheese fodder for less capable actors, but in the hands of Ewan, Emily Blunt (Harriet, the love interest) and Kristin Scott Thomas, who plays the racuous press secretary of the Prime Minister, the film pulsates with humor, wit, and self-reflection. While it glossed over its broad themes (love, politics, religion: the big three, no doubt) with easily solved conundrums, the plot does have surprises up its sleeve.

Rating: 9/10

The film is exclusive to Ayala Cinemas.

Meanwhile, There's no salmon fishing in Yemen, tourist board warns.

The Yemen Tourism Promotion Board said they had been "inundated" with requests about the Western Asian country following the cinema release of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

Benjamin Carey, Yemen Tourism's UK spokesman said today : "There's been a real surge in visitors to our website since the film. There's been thousands of visits to our website.

"One negative is that salmon fishing isn't actually that popular in Yemen, but there are excellent sea fishing opportunities in the country.

"Also, unfortunately the EU is currently advising against travel to Yemen, which we think is excessive.

"Some places are very hospitable but I wouldn't advise people to go to certain places at this time."

8 * :

Almi Ilagan said...

iniisip ko din bakit may "the" dahil ba plural sya ng yeman? hehehe. :P

kal said...

i think i'm convinced to watch this plus add the fact that i love emily blunt and i used to like ewan macgregor
thanks for this movie info

Deepa said...

Maybe the film uses "the" because it refers to Yemen as a desert? As in the Sahara, the Kalahari, etc.
I think you would only hyphenate two words when using them as an adjective, e.g. two-ply tissue, nineteenth-century literature.
Taking off my copy ed hat now ;)

Jason D. said...

Thanks for the enlightenment!

Jason D. said...

The cast was a pleasant surprise! We bought tickets for this movie having zero idea about it. Ewan is his usual charming self, of course, if we don't count Trainspotting :-)

Jason D. said...

Ayan, see Deepa's comment :-)

Almi Ilagan said...

ahhh ganun pala ang rule sa deserts, hehe. watched this last night. :)

kal said...

trainspotting... i couldn't even remember the flow of the story except that the cast were all the time high in drugs plus ewan's showcase (:D)

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