Thursday, August 16, 2012

Film review: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

In the first few minutes of the documentary, I learn that a 20-course sushi-only meal at Sukiyabashi Jiro is worth at least ¥30,000 (about P16,000). Incredulous, I verified the price with Google, which in turn, did co-sign it as fact.

Okay, P16,000 for sushi. The 99 percent (yo!) is not amused.

So why was it then that by the end of the documentary, I was looking at the restaurant's menu, food reviews, and reservation details as if I were planning to eat there?

Jiro Dreams of Sushi makes a strong case for an expensive meal that would last no longer than 25 minutes. The camera, with the incredible depth of field, captures the beautiful, mostly healthy pink sushi, plumped up on elegant, black-laquered plates like ethereal pieces that would cringe from poorly manicured hands.

"We are not elitists," said Yoshikazu Ono, elder son of Jiro Ono, Japan's legendary sushi master and star of this documentary. "What we do is no big secret."

It really is no secret that passion and hard work ultimately lead to success. Jiro has been improving his craft for the last 70 years,  and he has mastered it to a level that the best seafood and rice suppliers in Japan refuse to sell their goods to other than him.

"Only Jiro can cook our rice and bring out its best qualities," explained the rice supplier, who refused, for example, Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Jiro and his crew also pay great attention to his customers, carefully planning their seating arrangement, table setting, and food proportions. If a customer is lefthanded, then Jiro would place the sushi appropriately; female customers get smaller-sized sushi.

There are no villains or conflicts in this documentary, save for issues on continuing his legacy and the environment. The film hooks viewers' attention through the sheer beauty of sushi and that is enough, and for some, even worth dreaming about.

Thanks Eon for this recommendation.

Rating: 9/10

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eon said...

I fell in love with the documentary and you were one of the people I thought of that might enjoy it too, given the recent food-related posts.

Jason D. said...

My mom and I really enjoyed it. Thanks again!

Deepa said...

Wala namang ka-pressure pressure sa anak niya, noh? Wala!
This looks amazing. Sana I can find a copy here.

Jason D. said...

Bawal ba torrent dyan? You can download it through here: and then use this program to open:

Deepa said...

Di naman bawal, I just couldn't find it via my regular torrent source. Thanks for the link!

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