Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ever upward

We had a four-day weekend (back at work today) and I didn't even manage to read a single page from the book I'm reading this month.

For three days, I was bedridden in what must have been my worst case of cold/sinusitis so far. My headache was so bad I had tears running down my face. I took way too much cold medication and pain relievermy hyperacidity acted up and my piss was the color of phlegm.

I didn't have the gall to complain. If anything, I felt blessed.

* * * *

I've always wondered about the date I'd meet my Creator.

It could be that long weekend you've long awaited, a date you've counted down the days and minutes to because you were 'bored' or 'sick' of everyday life. There's a humor in there somewhere, I just don't think I'd find it funny if that were to be my case.

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