Monday, August 06, 2012

A long entry that happens to mention Jamba Juice a lot

I seriously have not heard of Jamba Juice before and would have probably remained as oblivious if Jill and Pam didn't drag our group to the far end of Bonifacio High Street. On a rainy Sunday night––really late, like past 10 p.m.––the place, which is at the mouth of a wide open, grassy field, felt removed and peaceful, and should be a perfect getaway for lovers and brooders unless there happened to be a group of 10 like ours who decides to destroy that peace by discussing Japanese porn and vibrators loudly. It's also a good place to stalk the cute owner/manager at the dessert place next door, called Slice, in case you're figure-conscious and would rather sip on healthy juice than indulge in delectable desserts as you watch the dreamy skinhead count his store's earnings (as he was doing that night). Disclaimer: To most of us, he was dreamy but birthday boy Jolo, a straight guy in our group, rated him as, "Ok lang."

If it isn't obvious yet, I'm writing as many irrelevant information as I can because what I have to say about my order at Jamba Juice is really short.

As we entered the store, I immediately latched onto birthday girl Tatin, my jigglylicious jamba spirit guide, as it was my first time there and I found the menu overwhelming. She recommended the açaí smoothie (açaí juice, vegetable and fruit juice, apple juice concentrate, natural flavor, citric acid, ascorbic acid), which I didn't even dare reconsider since I trusted her taste and it was apparently one of Jamba's popular concoctions.

Me with my Jamba spirit guide, Tatin all fruity
Me with my Jamba spirit guide, Tatin all fruity

Within five minutes, our orders were served.

Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) smoothie, P170 for 22oz
Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) smoothie, P170 for 22oz

The açaí tasted like blueberry to me. It was thick and heavy––as if all that juice, fiber, and vitamins are jammed into my 22oz cup––and nothing quite like the watered down smoothies from the ubiquitous juice stalls you see in malls. Ultimately, I like the assurance that what I'm drinking doesn't use artificial flavors and added sugar aka high-fructose corn syrup. (By the way, the American Heart Association recommends no more than six teaspoons of added sugar for women and nine for men in a day, so I'm not sure if the maximum of 94g of naturally occuring sugar from the "power" variant is fine.)

Jamba Juice's promise
Jamba Juice's promise

The staff are really courteous and nice. One went to our table, apologized for the intrusion, and asked if we may fill up their survey form. I was up to the task and answered honestly at least until I got to this portion:


I know what they're getting at, but I've never really been comfortable about questions that require you to declare your wealth (or lack thereof) unless it's for a scholarship grant. Meanwhile, Tatin upbraided them for not allowing pets inside the store.

After collecting our forms, the staff immediately gave our group seven cups of complimentary Jamba Juice, which of course, made me feel guilty about my clothing answer, lol.

We were all feeling pretty happy about the treat, when minutes later, he came out with another tray of freebies, this time, samplers of their steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar! And there were so many to go around that we passed the tray on to the next table.

Yummy! Essentially, it's just oatmeal with... well, brown sugar :-P
Yummy! Essentially, it's just oatmeal with... well, brown sugar :-P

I had just declared my love for Jamba Juice's customer service when I turned around and saw that the store also had a photobooth! (Instead of a sticker printout, you email your photo to yourself––one point for the environment!) It was awesome because until then, we haven't had a photo of all 10 of us that night so that was a really good way to cap our day :-)

Jamba Juice
7th Avenue cor. 29th Street South,
Bonifacio High Street Central (across R.O.X.)
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Theatre Drive corner Commerce Ave.,
The Street, Alabang Town Center,
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 7am-11pm
Friday to Sunday: 7am-1am

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Pammy said...

Natawa ako sa "really late, like past 10 p.m." :D

We have to go back, you have to try Stella!

Jason D. said...

And honestly, I wasn't being sarcastic, haha!

Game! Re: Stella :-)

Laurene said...

Hahaha I'll look for that Slice manager! :)

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