Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shifting allegiances

I had a realization earlier this month. I have both the hardcover and ebook versions of Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I started with a few pages of the hardcover until later, I felt I was getting quite stressed trying to read the book in bed: it tired my fingers to hold it steady; as usual, it was hard to keep the book open to the first few pages; I have episodes of rhinitis because of the dust––and these were details I never stressed about before! By 'before,' I meant the time when I haven't finished two other ebooks on my iPad yet. By 'before,' I meant the time when I waxed poetic about paper and its smell.

Who is this new person?! :-P

A graphic ebook title: Tabi Po by Mervin Malonzo

Needless to say, I ended up reading the rest of the novel on my tablet. It's ultra convenient: I don't need to hold it even when in bed––my iPad cover props it up for me; I don't need to surf the net whenever I encounter difficult words since iBooks and the Kindle app have their built-in dictionary; and I can continue with my reading anywhere and not worry about having to lug around a heavy book (or in this case, being seen reading what may be perceived as an embarrassing title :-P). On the downside, it's much easier for me to get distracted, such as when I just had to place a face on Finnick and google actors and models. (I'm thinking Patrick Schwarzenegger... or Marat Safin, lol.)

As for the price, some titles are relatively cheaper to buy in Amazon. I mean, have a look at my Amazon wishlist (subtlety, haha). Digital publishing has also given opportunities to writers like Iggy Atienza, who in December 2011, released her very own book, The Thrifty Mom's Guide to Style. (Still available for purchase; just click on the title.)

I remain amazed by how technology continues to change our lifestyle at breakneck speed. I mean, these are things I never imagined in college, and just last week, Tatin told me about a story she's working on about local schools beginning to roll out tablets to replace textbooks and exams on paper. (I'll post the link on Twitter once it's published.) These are things that make me feel old, too. :-P

I belatedly realized that there are some books that just wouldn't look right except on paper, say Catcher in the Rye.

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Katrina Atienza said...

Aw thanks for the plug J! And I'm so with you on ebooks. I've read all five "A Song of Ice and Fire" books on my Kindle while commuting - would be impossible to do with the super thick and heavy print version! I also like Amazon's free Kindle books, mostly classics, which are great to "discover" some great old books.

But yeah, there's still a sentimental streak with print books... :) I treasure my old favorites, remembering just where I was in my life when I first cracked it open.

Jason D. said...

Glad to help! :-)

Yes, I get free ebooks too, especially yung mga romance novels with the Fabio cover, lol. I also like discovering notes I made in some of my printed books. I still can't get the hang of using the highlighter function in ebooks.

weekends in the city said...

I've noticed I read faster when I'm reading on a device or tablet. Tapping your finger consumes less time than flipping a page. When reading on a tablet, I don't have to worry about lighting or breaking a book spine. Sadly, ebooks don't come with the new book smell :P and I hate how the highlighting function makes "uneven" lines. (I'm sure it doesn't bother anyone else hahaha.)

Graphic novels don't look right in ebook form, but it's good to have electronic copies to lend out. :D

Jason D. said...

I agree, no need for a night lamp! LOL @ uneven lines. I never noticed that!

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