Monday, June 18, 2012

Rock of Ages and Snow White & the Huntsman

Rock of Ages is cute at its best and cheesy at its worst.

Rating: 3/10

It didn't help that I knew zilch about the Broadway musical. Halfway through the show, I thought, "Why is this movie 'ripping' off too many covers from Glee?!" As Tatin noted, Glee may have ruined it for me as she and Pam enjoyed the film a lot.

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Snow White and the Huntsman

Friends found the bulk of the movie, i.e.,  Dark Forest sojourn, slow and long-drawn-out but personally I didn't mind, thanks to a pleasing visual experience that involved sinister trees, screeching gargoyles, and Chris Hemsworth. (By the way, props to the director and screenwriters for the restraint they showed in not undressing Chris in any of the scenes. It was like saying the film's visual effects need not be aided by well-defined abs.)

The best of them all images however is Charlize Theron and yes, I need to go where everyone has: In what universe is Kristen fairer than Charlize? It didn't help that she perhaps, is the best-dressed Evil Queen of all time, showing up in skeletal sleeves during her coronation and later, bringing out the guns during her reign with dramatic long gowns in black crystals, sequins and spiked chainmails, and worn with high collars and matching cape in rooster feathers. (Costume was designed by Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood but next year's Oscar might go to Eiko Ishioka [posthumous] who designed for the other 2012 Snow White movie and who has done other amazing things herself.)

A couple of the Evil Queen's choice couture from her arsenal of amazing wardrobe.
Credits: Vanity Fair (left); Movie Fanatic

It's also amazing what she can do with her accent, bringing sophistication and evil to what may have been a potentially corny "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." (See 0:44 of the trailer. PS: Note how Angelina Jolie, meanwhile, was berated by film critics for her attempt to do the same as Grendel's mother in Beowulf... or actually, in most of her other movies.) Seeing Charlize in this role is more than worth seeing the movie.

As for Kristen, I like the shade of her red lips.

Rating: 9/10 especially for Charlize and her wardrobe

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Katrina Atienza said...

I love, love, love Colleen Atwood. Vogue had a spread before on her costumes for Memoirs of a Geisha. So beautiful. Hope to get the chance to see her costumes up close one day!

Jason D. said...

Ooh, I'll find a link.

I love Charlize's costumes here! I almost wished the movie was all just about her.

Deepa said...

I was on the fence about seeing Snow White (pro: Chris Hemsworth/con: no abs, pro: Charlize fabulousness/con: K-Stew). But your review convinced me to suck it up for the sake of Theron.

Related viewing: the last season of Top Chef had an awesome episode featuring Charlize Theron as a guest judge (and of course, pimping the movie).

Jason D. said...

Yes, I saw that episode! She also got me to watch Monster about two weeks ago; terrific acting but terribly depressing movie.

Deepa said...

She's also super tarush in Prometheus, btw. Is it showing in Manila yet?

Jason D. said...

Yes, i think it was released two weeks ago. Natawa lang ako sa final scene nya, lol. And I have to give it to Noomi Rapace for the spectacular birthing scene!

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