Thursday, June 21, 2012

My virtual triangle

My virtual 'triangle' is pretty much a fort:
Home, work, and some of the nearest malls
I don't normally go out of my zone––that is, the cities of Mandaluyong and Makati. Whenever friends invite me to far-flung provinces like Eastwood or Katipunan (lol), I ask if I need a visa.
I grew up always being 30 minutes away from wherever I needed to go––except in college, and my commute to the university and the adjustment it entailed proved to be very taxing for me. (Or at least that was my perspective, until I met classmates who were commuting to Diliman from as far as Alabang every day.)
My dream is for EDSA to have a covered pedestrian bridge that traverses the entire length of the highway. I honestly think people would walk provided pathways are unobstructed, well-lit, and secure. (Here's an idea: convert the MRT into a moving walkway :-P I'm half-joking.) I also wish we'd utilize our waterways, specifically the Pasig River. When I read the reasons why operations of the previous ferry service was stopped, I'm thinking, it's not the Gaza strip; surely, we can come to a solution here?
I think these would take the stress off city travel fears––such as traffic, cab drivers, and the MRT, which on any time of the day, continues to defy physics, i.e., no two bodies may occupy the same space at the same time––and help tear down our virtual walls.
(Meanwhile, I worry that an entire government's term is being spent on the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the extension of LRT lines alone. If we do receive an increase in tourist arrivals––say in the millions, thanks to a fun advertising campaign––they are all expected to ride taxis or private cars since no public transport directly connects the airport to the heart of the city [realistically speaking]. So our roads do what?)

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Melanie Victoriano said...

I think I'd go for the MRT line as a moving walkway -- or maybe have a parallel one that is clean, covered, and well-lit for people who may one day fancy walking for fitness.

Jason D. said...

Wouldn't a moving walkway on EDSA be fun? And there's a 1940s book about moving sidewalks! Been researching if other cities have done it, but it turns out, it's high maintenance:

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