Monday, June 18, 2012

Fother's Day

I got locked out of the house last Saturday when I out with R in Eastwood only to realize later, back in my neighborhood, that I left my keys inside the house.

At first, I tried to pick the lock open with my credit card, a trick that used to work in my old apartment, but this time, the door wouldn't budge and skin has peeled off my fingers, forming into blisters. The exercise also made me realize that should a robber attempt to force his way inside the house, the neighbors wouldn't care less. I spent about 15 minutes huffing and puffing noisily outside my door and none of my neighbors did as much as open their lights.

Before the lockout, in Eastwood

I needed to use the toilet, so I went with R to his place, where one guy, a drinking buddy of his younger brother, called me 'Zanjoe Marudo' and declared that he was going to sleep naked because he was drunk.

The last time a complete stranger compared my looks to a celebrity, it was to Sarah Geronimo.

As I needed a place to crash for the night, I briefly considered this motel, for which R has a 20 percent discount, but I remembered how, at one time, a friend and his partner were lined up in the motel lobby when they bumped into another friend who was checking in with his date, too. Should an acquaintance find me in a motel, of course, I can come clean and say I was locked out of the house, but since the start of the year, I've been quite unsure of my reputation.

I then texted Jill to check if she were still awake. As it was close to 3 a.m., it helped to know I have friends who are insomniac. Generously, she did offer her place for the night, and Pam and Giff were there too. R helped me get a cab and at this point, Manila was feeling the brunt of Typhoon Butchoy. It was a wet and long drive to Cainta, and it amused me that my cab fare was nearing P300 (US$7) because that's when I know I'm really faaar from my place.

Thanks to Jill, who owns Oh Shoot! toy camera shop, I also finally learned what Depth of Field means.

At Jill's we watched 21 Jumpstreet (by the way, an excellent movie remake of the the TV show), and now, I can't decide if I should add Channing Tatum to my list, which consists of Tom Hardy and Joe Manganiello. Jill was also generous enough to offer me a change of clothes and toothbrush.

I took a shower and reused my underwear out of respect for Jill's pajamas. At lights off, I had the opportunity to go through several pages of Mockingjay and which I happily finished yesterday—that is, I'm happy to be done with it.

While I wasn't that impressed with the story, The Hunger Games trilogy, which is about a 17 year-old female who fights to the death in a reality TV show, has done wonders to cut back my whining. For example, I may have had a difficult time showering because of the blisters on my finger but really, what is that compared to Katniss being chased by half-human, half-mutts in the middle of the jungle?

We wake up in the afternoon and have a hearty lunch, wherein Pam and I discussed Pinoy food in the global setting in light of Andrew Zimmern's statement that "Filipino food is the next big thing." She said that there's a really good Filipino restaurant in Queens, New York but noted that diners were generally Pinoy. I munched on my breaded pork chop.

Back at Jill's room, we watched the low-budget gay film, You Should Meet My Son, a comedy about a mother going to great lengths to find her son a boyfriend. I think I'd generally have a heart attack should Ma begin to post stuff on gay dating websites in my behalf and cruise gay bars to find dinner dates for me.

Much later, after eating dinner, showering, changing to my original clothes and wearing the same underwear after three consecutive showers, and debating with myself what good etiquette says about being given a toothbrush (Do I bring it home with me? Or do I leave it on the bathroom counter in case I find myself sleeping over at her place again? I went with the latter), we went out for desserts in Cafe Breton in Ortigas. The typhoon weather made us realize how Podium mall is poorly designed particularly for the rainy season with its short driveway and limited awning.

In Breton, I've decided to change my default order from La Delice to butter and sugar crepe with almonds and vanilla ice cream on the side after seeing most of my friends repeatedly order it. Not only is it cheaper but it is 50 times better than Delice.

Heaven on a plate

I went home around 12 midnight happy for having averted what would have been a crisis, thanks to friends, but even happier for having gotten to change to a newly laundered underwear.

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Deepa said...

Sarah Geronimo?!? LOL!!!

My default Breton order is the La Pinay, followed by plain old Nutella. Lately though I've been partial to the simple butter/sugar/lemon combo, so I'll try that when I go back home.

Pepe said...

jay, bat parang nawala ang collar bone mo? :)))


Jason D. said...

I was pleasantly surprised by how something so simple could be so good!

Re: Geronimo - At first, the guy said I looked like "Sarah" and couldn't remember the last name. In my head, I was thinking, "Wow, Meier kaya?" LOL.

Jason D. said...

OMG, I just realized that now. Wala na nga!!! :-D!!!

Jill said...

I threw out your toothbrush box knowing it was empty. Keeping the hotel unused toothbrush/es has it's own purpose. And it served my staying-for-a-night friends well.

Re: your underwear, you should've washed it and hanged it with our undies. lol

Glad to help. Next week ulit? :D

Jason D. said...

Ayaw ko na masaraduhan, lol.

I collect hotel toiletries too!

Jay Salvador ♌ said...

Sino si R? Nakakaintriga. Hahaha

Jason D. said...

Barkada ko yun. Ayoko lang malaman ng madla na may Sogo discount card sya, lol.

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