Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My letter to World Vision Philippines


World Vision Philippines responded to my letter this afternoon. I'm posting it here as it was attached in the email.

I'm now on the fence whether to continue or discontinue my sponsorship. I still feel strongly that she is not suited to be ambassador; I fear, for example, what she'd say in that capacity if a gay kid approaches her and seeks her advice regarding self-acceptance.

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Here's my original entry posted on May 17, 2012 at 10:53 a.m.:

Tweeted this yesterday,

and I immediately sent an email to World Vision Philippines:

May 16, 2012

Dear World Vision Philippines,

As a gay man, I am deeply disturbed by what one of your ambassadors, Miriam Quiambao has been tweeting in recent weeks. She has said that "homosexuality is a lie from the devil" and just today, supported Manny Pacquiao for "stand(ing) for God's law." This was after Mr. Pacquiao quoted the Bible as saying that gay persons should be put to death.

I seriously considered my decision to be a World Vision sponsor since I have a lot of issues with Christian groups’ stand on homosexuality. What made me eventually push forward with it, aside from being a former Christian myself, was that World Vision is non-denominational and that it serves "people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender." By gender, I assumed you also meant those who fall under the LGBT group (otherwise, you would have used 'sex'), though I couldn't verify how fully this is observed. I also had no means to know if you teach catechism and how you deal with topics on homosexuality; still, I went ahead with my sponsorship.

A few weeks after that, your group’s Twitter account retweeted a statement that was prejudiced against gays. I called your Twitter account’s attention to it, and it was immediately removed from your timeline. The account’s handler also assured me it was a mistake and that it is against your policy to discriminate. I appreciated your favorable action then and I hope it would do the same this time.

Ms. Quiambao's statements, at the very least, are divisive. At most, they incite hatred, and in the wake of Pacquiao's statement, they incite violence toward LGBTs. To gay kids, Ms. Quiambao's statements are disappointing—at the least. At most, her statements and belief are what drive gays to a life of shame and guilt, if not suicide.

It is for these reasons, and also given your main thrusts, that I strongly believe she is unfit to continue to be your ambassador. Your non-action on this would mean my sponsorship should be welcomed elsewhere.


I think a week is enough time for them to decide on the matter.

Also, since I wrote this letter, it has been found that Mr. Pacquiao was not only misquoted but was also misrepresented by the website in which his controversial statements appeared. As it turned it, he never cited Leviticus, part of which says gays must be put to death. Further, Ms. Quiambao has since qualified her support of Mr. Pacquiao's partly fabricated statements to say that she "(does) not agree with the killing part," which to me is a loaded statement nonetheless. In any case, there is still her earlier statement about homosexuality being a "lie from the devil." Bottom line, she sows divisiveness and is detrimental to the mental and emotional health of gay kids. I stand by my letter.

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Kenneth Bryan Almedilla said...

I am a sponsor of World Vision myself and this issue really makes me upset. I do hope they do something about it or else I am pulling out from the sponsorship too.

Jason D. said...

Hi Kenneth, 

I agree, she is upsetting. I'll blog an update in a week or post their response (if they do respond), whichever comes first.

ShutUpMiriam said...

The fact remains: Miriam Quiambao is still the spokesperson of World Vision.  They should have chosen another spokesperson unless Ms. Quiambao volunteered to for the job.

Jhoanna Mendoza said...

To all the sponsor of worldvision,
Lubos po akong nagpapasalamat sa tulong na ibinibigay ninyo sa amin..napakalaking bagay po para sa amin ito.. .ang dami nyo pong mga bata at pamilya na natutulungan . Maraming salamat po...Isa na po dyan ang anak ko. na si Leandrew Mendoza ng Malabon..

choydonskikoy emcnem said...

It's not about the spokeperson

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