Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Back, back, back

I'm back, because geez, Tumblr is such a douche. I can't even write a lengthy text post because the WYSIWYG platform won't even recognize basic HTML elements such as space. (I need to press shift-enter after every paragraph; I can't do that over iPad, teehee.) If I include photos in my 'blog' entry, I will have to use the HTML side and align every photo to the center!

I also do not know how to add a sidebar in Tumblr; I miss reading those in my blog list. I also can't export my book list, which by the way, I've been very delinquent with. (I'm now behind my reading by two months.)

Anyway... Tumblr, seriously? You're really not going to be writer-friendly, are you?

After suffering through Tumblr, I realize: God, I love my Blogger template.

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eon said...

went through the same thing, when i opened my tumblr years ago. :)

ms.chelle said...

and that's why my tumblr is 95% photos :D I think tumblr is for people with very short attention spans (for reading and writing).

Jason said...

And why does it not allow you to reply to reader comments?! Ang sarap i-headlock yung mga developers! Lol.

currystrumpet said...


Di ko talaga kaya mag-Tumblr, sorry. I give you Z-snaps for giving it a solid try!

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