Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dear Bangkok

Dear Bangkok,

I haven't been to many countries but I think you have become one of my favorite cities in the world. I didn't think much of you when I first went there almost a decade ago—you were unbearably hot (excellent problem to have as a guy, but for a location, nah) and it felt like one big Greenhills. The transport system was bleh, and I would much rather walk the 10 blocks from my hotel to wherever I used to hang out at the time.

But now, you've changed so much, and it was all for the better. I love your Skytrain which made traveling from the airport to the city such a breeze. I love how the people would line up to get inside each train, and how they would allow those who are getting off to step out of first.

The people are class, although I must admit, I didn't go to Patpong this time.

I love your footbridges and sidewalks, which are dotted by trees. I never once had to cover my nose because there was no pollution; I also didn't see anyone smoking, except for our bus driver when we were on our way to Koh Samed island.

The food of course was delicious although it's funny how I ended up eating cup noodles all the time because the Tom Yum variant that I had was absolutely similar to the one I had at a restaurant. I also love that your 7-11 have Lays Nori Seaweed flavor. I intensely regret not having brought some home. I love Thai Milk Tea even if we have them back home and they taste exactly the same, but that still didn't stop me from foregoing drinking water.

I love the taxi driver who had aviator shades, and wore a half-buttoned shirt and  nonchalant hair; I love how he made sure I did want to go all the way inside one of the airport links when I could walk the short distance and save fare.

You are still unbearably hot. I didn't love the worst immigration line in the world which took me almost two hours to get past at. I didn't like it that the hot guys couldn't converse in English. Sayang, lol.

I did like meeting new friends who'd show me around and ask me about home and may have pretended to want to visit the Philippines soon. (Manila, I tried my best, but you simply cannot hold a candle to Bangkok, so I had to pimp other Philippines destinations.) I like their smiles and their generous offers that only my friends may know about. I love how they'd mistake me for a fresh college graduate, and how they'd mistake me for a Thai.

I LOVE the shopping.

You and I aren't through yet.


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heyjay said...

You are making me envious with this entry of yours. Extremely envious.

Jason said...

Go!!! It's not so expensive, even the hotels!

Mackay said...

I love how you lay out the photos & how it makes me miss Thailand. True Manila can't hold a candle to Bangkok, not yet. I too am envious of your escapade!

Jason said...

Thanks! :) Ayan, bigla akong na-guilty. I should do one for Pinas real soon.

Anonymous said...

i love the color of your birkenstocks :)

Jason said...

Those are FitFlop, the most comfortable shoes ever! I'll write about them soon :-)

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