Saturday, March 24, 2012

Army Navy Burger + Burrito

My colleagues and I have been passing by this restaurant for quite some time, but it was only last Friday when we finally decided to give it a shot. Prior to that, I went over some blog entries that have been written about the place and based on the reviews, the burgers were okay and the fries were good. So I supposed it was worth trying.

I like the theme and the styling of the restaurant, which is military-slash-American diner. Everything is self-service, though once in a while, the staff would ask if your order is complete and would follow-up with the kitchen if it wasn't. Service takes about 10-20 minutes. They serve water if you order a meal without a drink. I liked that :-)

That's the al fresco dining area above. It has an airconditioned space but it sits few people. When we dined here, it happened to be the hottest day of the year in the metro. It would've been nice if they had fans outside because it pretty much felt like being in the sauna despite that airy entrance.

Here's what I ordered: a double burger (P195), freedom fries (P65) and strawberry milkshake (P99).

When I got my meal, the reaction among my friends was pretty much unanimous: the fries' serving was really small.

To its defense, it tasted good. I liked its crunch and texture. It had chili so you could definitely taste that spicy kick after every bite

The burgers may look small but it definitely had heft to it, so I felt that the price was justifiable (but still, P195 is nothing to sneeze at.) From Army Navy's menu: "All burgers are made with natural beef patties, topped with fresh, crispy lettuce, tomato slice & onions, mayo & ketchup on toasted Sesame Seed Kaiser Bun." It was alright though I wished it had a bit more salt but I guess it was healthier that way. Also, for the price, I wished they had at least caramelized the onions. (The best burger I ever had was from Brothers' Burger; Chili's is a close second.)

Don't let that creamy topping fool you––it was more like foam; the strawberry milkshake was a letdown. Again, the serving was small (comparable to a medium-size drink in say, McDonald's) and that would have been okay if the drink was rich and creamy. Unfortunately, it was almost watery and the taste was diluted. I am not ordering it again. (Shakey's milkshake is really good; now that would bring the boys to the yard.)

My friends liked their burrito (starts from P145). One complained that there was too much rice in them; I failed to ask if that meant the burrito was too filling, or if there were not much chicken in them.

The fearless fried chicken (P145) was okay. One said she could cook it at home :-P

This was the tortilla chips (P35). Again, the serving was dismal.

Overall, the food was alright but 'alright' and the servings don't justify the prices. My bill came to a total of P359 and I think I have better options with that amount of money.

You can find their menu here.

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eon said...

nakakain na ko dito. pricey nga sya at hindi naman kasarapan ang burger.

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