Monday, February 20, 2012

VMV's Illuminants+ Cream: Primary Brilliance Treatment

I was having dinner with Jill, Pam and Tatin and I noticed how bad my skin looks compared to theirs. I have to admit I'm nitpicking here because from afar, my skin looks okay, but when I look closer, I can see a stark difference. (It happened that there was a wall mirror beside me; maybe, that's not such a good idea for a restaurant to have.) I still have some dark spots from my acne scars of many years ago, with some hyperpigmentation marks on my cheeks.

I immediately thought of the product which may address my concernVMV's Illuminants+ Cream: Primary Brilliance Treatment. I'm a huge VMV fan, particularly of its Id Clarifying and Firming Toner and Aftershave. (I believe this has what kept my acne problems at bay; leave a comment below this post if you want to know more or check out the VMV page for details.)

For my treatment cream, I previously used their anti-age line (which promised microdermabrasion and elastin + collagen regenerationyes, I start early ;-) until my sister broke its pump and I haven't gotten around to opening the heavily sealed bottle.

Anyway, I figured I'll use the Illuminants cream first to even my skin tone before I resort to looking young, lol.

So I purchased one yesterday and I admired the attention and care given to the product's packaging and description.

A product brochure is clipped to the box with those brass studs. The guide includes everything you need to know about the cream, including an ideal schedule to help you integrate the product into your regimen. (You are advised to start once a week then slowly increase your usage over the course of about a month.) The box is 100-percent recycled, and even the ink used is environment-friendly.

Below is the unboxing:

VMV Illuminants+ Cream: Primary Brilliance Treatment on Vimeo.

Yes, no glue! I love the reminder too, although it was a bit late in my case :-P

The box included free sunscreen, which most probably won't be enough for the duration of the treatment, to be honest. I'll write another entry a month later to write about how my treatment went with hopefully, before and after photos.

VMV's Illuminants+ Cream: Primary Brilliance Treatment is priced from Php 2,200 to Php 2,500 depending on whether there's a sale (at Landmark, but it was out of stock) or not (at the VMV boutique). Prices are higher online. (VMV is made in the Philippines.)

Extract from the VMV product page:

Clinically-proven cellular renewal + regeneration, microdermabrasion, antioxidant + intensive moisturizing, anti-aging therapy.
Notably smoother, firmer, rejuvenated skin with the radiance of some post-clinical-procedure glows. Primary treatment (starter dosage of actives).
Clarifies dark spots/patches from aging, sun/light damage, melasma, photoallergies, inflammations (rashes, acne, insect bites) + other hyperpigmentations.
Brightens skin beautifully. Results in clearer, tone-balanced skin that looks younger, notably more vibrant + radiant due to lighter, healthier cells.
Lightening/Brightening: kojic acid plus bearberry leaf-&- vitamin C complex.
Lit Skin: 3 antioxidants, vitamin C, green tea + rice phytic acid = a triad of free radical fighters. Repairs damage from sun + other environmental, oxidizing agents that produce a duller epidermis + dermis - leading to "lit" skin.
Penetration: A common problem of lightening therapy is getting the active ingredients deep enough in the skin to be effective. Unbuffered (undiluted) glycolic acid deposits the tyrosinase inhibitors deeper in the skin while also forcing newer, brighter, healthier cells to the skin's surface.

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chelle said...

I really like VMV's sunblock. I bought VMV's Re: Everything Eye Serum last week and I really hope it'll improve the skin around my eyes. (I have killer udner eye circles now.)

Pajammy said...

May skin check! With no warning?! Na-conscious ako bigla, haha!

And I didn't know VMV was a local brand! That's awesome!

Jason said...

Chelle - True; very reliable ang Armada. Uy let me know if the Eye Serum works wonders :-)

Pammy - LOL, I couldn't help it! I was really amazed by your skin!

Yup, local brand that has gone international. Their head research center is in Makati, near Nail Spa :-)

kantogirl said...

Oh wow. Didn't know VMV was a local brand. Please do let us know how this new product works. I loved the Neutrogena body oil and the dry brushing recommendations you had before. :)

Jason said...

It is, that's what makes me love it even more!

I noticed immediate results the day after––skin looked glowing. But what I want to see is if it will effectively remove my dark spots. I'll blog about it after a month :-)

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