Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Means War

Rating: 7.5/10



The trailer may seem ho-hum despite the presence of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy (it may be Reese Witherspoon :-P), but the movie turned out to be hilarious thanks largely to Chelsea Handler, who plays Reese's BFF.

It's not easy to see Tom in an action comedy, especially after having seen him in a string of 'serious' roles; it's even harder to see him play the nice guy opposite the boyish Chris Pine. (This may be one of the reasons why director McG consistently showed both standing next to each other in wide shots–– 5'9" Tom surprisingly looks like a midget next to the 6'1" Chris.) Nevertheless, the two are clearly opposites of each other, and it was this type of chemistry that made the audience enjoy their bantering.

Reese is not going to play dumb roles so there really weren't moments wherein she made fun of herself in this movie. She's charming, sure, but it got a little boring. (Someone like Cameron Diaz or Christina Applegate might have spiced up her character a bit more.) Chelsea meanwhile, was more than willing to do everything that was embarrassing, and did it pay off––she had everyone in stitches. I love her!!!

Predictable movie but you really can't go wrong with two gorgeous guys in the lead. (Disclosure: I fantasize about Tom Hardy, lol.) The trailer may have given everything away, but there were hilarious surprises that are worth watching this movie for.

This Means War opens in theaters today.


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Dan O. said...

Nice review. All of these leads try their hardest, but the script just lets them down too much with terrible jokes and very ugly feeling underneath this premise. I just thought this one was completely stupid and it’s really surprising to see some major critics back it up. Check out my review when you get the chance.

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