Friday, February 24, 2012

Koh Samed Island

I'm back in Bangkok from an overnight trip to Koh Samed Island. Going there, it took me three Alanis Morissette albums and two Kanye West songs to take away the boredom from the loooong trip. (It took us about 5 hours, including two pit stops with an hour break on the second.)

Thankfully, it was this view that awaited me––plus, a fantastic painting that was truly a pleasant surprise, lol.


* * * *

So far, I'm absolutely loving the Bangkok vibe. The airport and airport railway are first class. (Had a harder time with their MRT; not bad, but still not close to Hong Kong's.) Sidewalks are clean, and there are trees everywhere. I can't wait to get started on my shopping and food trip! So far all I've been eating are from room service and hotel restaurants :-P

3 * :

eon said...

is it just me who thinks the painting doesn't even show half of the guy's penis but maybe a quarter?

Jason said...

LOL. I was thinking maybe he's a grower?

denden said...

LOL at channeling D.O.P :) Beautiful hotel.

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