Monday, February 27, 2012

Just For Laughs

These were the videos shown on my flight back to Manila. Seriously, they had me vacillating between laughter and tearsand I had to supress them lest I get weird stares from the rest of the passengers!

I love how inventive, creative AND funny these pranks are without being hurtful or offensive. I haven't laughed this much in a long time, and I hope they tickle your funny bones as well.

Free beer
A lady flirts with the 'victim' from afar and she buys him a beer. Later, another guy sits next to the victim. Finding this new guy far more attractive, she asks the waiter to pry the beer mug from the victim's hand (just as he is about to sip), and give it to the hot guy instead. Watch what happens; I love what one of the victims did in the last scene!

Closet Cow
Shoppers find the price of a wardrobe closet irresistible so they take a look inside. Surprise! There's a head of a cow, lol.

Sexy Burping Man
A 'handsome' guy smiles at random strangers, who flirtily smile back... until he burps. So funny watching them in slow mo; I love how the camera catches that instant when the ladies reciprocate the smile, and you can sort of see the twinkle in their eyes, lol.

Sudden Fairy
This completely had me. Victims who are about to pay at the cashier sees an apparition during a brownout, lol. I love how fun and random this prank isI was laughing all by myself even after I've gotten off the plane just thinking about this, lol.

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