Sunday, February 05, 2012

Cool Wind

I decided to dig deeper into this Cool Wind for guys business and here's what I discovered. Kalerqui, lol.

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We were at the grocery and I remember Tatin suggesting that I try a femine wash as my liquid soap. I don't remember how we got into the conversation––I'd like to think my showers work––but I remember her telling me that this particular variant of PH Care, Cool Wind, gets you tingly down there.

Tingly + down there = hell yes. LOL. 

Still, despite the promise of giggles, I held back from buying it because even though I bat for the same team there are some things which I cannot imagine myself buying, such as concealers, sanitary napkins, and yes, even a feminine wash. 

One day, I brought it up with my office lunch buddies, who all happen to be female. "Is it really as [refreshing] as my friend described it?" I don't think I got a clear answer but eventually, the consensus was that I should try it. One of them happened to have an extra bottle and she gladly gave it to me later.

There were questions in my head: If I use a feminine wash all over my body, will I smell like the ideal vagina? Will straight boys find my odor... succulent? (LOL.) When I pass by, and should the ladies get a whiff of me, will they feel an inexplicable sense of sisterhood? Will we exchange knowing looks or will I shamelessly dart my eyes to the floor? If I date someone, will he feel nauseous?

There really was one way to find out and today was that day. 

I took a look at the box. It couldn't be clearer in its unique selling point: aside from the variant name "Cool Wind," it has the tagline "with ActiveCool for an extra cool feeling." In case you missed the point, the product description on the box goes on to explain: "It contains ActiveCool, a special ingredient that gives an extra cool feeling everytime you wash."


I squeezed a lot of product into my bath sponge and it easily foamed. I couldn't ID the smell; I was thinking peppermint, but it was not quite that. (Later, I saw that the ingredients listed chamomile but I still didn't get it.) It certainly didn't smell "feminine" at all although I have zero experience to know if it is in fact the smell of an ideal vagina. 

So I got into my shower, giving myself a scrub from head to toe, until it happened: a smile began to form on my face. It started as a tingle until it felt like a cool wind from the menthol gods was pleasantly blowing down there.

Why, hello there, Mr. ActiveCool. 

Strangely enough, I didn't feel it anywhere else aside from my privates, so it almost felt obscene to enjoy it that much (lol) but I couldn't help it! It really felt good. 

The sensation was still present even after the shower and I've patted myself dry, though it eventually went away after about 10 minutes. I also made sure not to apply body oil as I usually do after a bath, to see if my skin would feel dry. I did the scratch test just now, and there are no white lines––my skin is looking pretty good. The product description however, did mention that it is formulated with pH 5, when the normal pH level (e.g., in water) is 7. So I'm not sure if that means it's not okay to use it on the rest of your body everyday. 

I'll probably use it again when I'm feeling pretty sad and I need a pick-me-up at the shower that isn't so vigorous, lol.

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Anonymous said...

haha!! it's been a while since you made me laugh on your post jason. can't help but ask... did you get a hard on? hahaha! please reply and don't delete my post. it's for "educational purpose" :)

Gail Dimapilis said...

Funneeh! I wanna try it too! :)

Deepa said...

Nakakaloka!!! Tawang-tawa ako!

Blue Arden said...

Anon - I didn't exactly enjoy it *that* way.

Gail - Try a sachet first; or ask from your sister if you have one, lol.

Deepa - Sabi ng mga GS ladies, meron din daw "cooling" na sanitary napkin. "It's like sitting on marble" ang quote! LOL.

amor said...

LOL! i tried other variants of ph care but never the cool wind (for no reason). ma-try nga.

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