Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Online malady

Books lineup: Cain (currently testing my patience), The Emperor of Maladies (read the first few pages and I can't wait to get started on this), and Mockingjay (which I probably won't read but would catch on film instead.)

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I'm home by about 6:30pm. I finish dinner at about 8:30pm, go up to my room and catch on my online reads. Lately, I resolved to get off the Internet by 10pm and give myself an hour to read my book, then sleep by 11pm. Until I realized one hour may be enough for a short novel like Cain, but probably wouldn't be sufficient for the heavier (both literally and figuratively) The Emperor. And then I thought about last Saturday, 80 percent of which I spent LYING DOWN and doing online stuff, and what bothers me is that I was just as voracious online the next day, although thankfully, I was able to force myself out of the house by afternoon.

So yep, I think I'm online way too much; I need to cut my Internet hours but I don't think I'm brave enough to include it in my resolution just yet. 

What do you do for fun offline?

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Anonymous said...

I think I'm online way too much, too. I have a pile of unread books gathering dust here.

On weekends, I'd go out with the intent to hang out at some quiet cafe and read a book, but the first thing I ask is if they have wi-fi. If they do, I whip out my netbook to drown myself online. Kainis.

Mas nakakainis pa, I keep buying books, then promising to read them, but I never get around to doing it!

eon said...

just last night, i resolved to leave my computer to read. after about 30 minutes of reading, i fell asleep. hehe. if i stayed online i would have slept late.

Jason said...

I think I may be addicted to Twitter :-( Pero in fairness, for today, I only started checking my timeline at 6pm :-)

So far, I don't have a book-buying addiction. New titles are expensive kasi, hehe.

Eon - Yeeees!!! Reading books make me sleepy while the strongest coffee has nothing on the Internet, haha!

Deepa said...

I work from home so I am definitely sure I spend too much time online! To force myself out of the house (and away from the computer), I schedule weekly weekday lunches with friends. I also have painting and sewing classes.

Lately I find myself preferring to make something (knit, work on a sewing project, etc) vs reading. So ang dami ko ring unread books.

Jason said...

Pang ladies who lunch ang peg ng activities mo, Deepa, lol.

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