Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcoming 2012: That time of the year

I think I was fairly successful with my 2011 New Year's Resolutions:

  • To not sweat the small stuff - This really referred to how I easily got ruffled by news reports, by the CBCP, by jerks, by random strangers, by both major and minor events and incidents outside my control etc., and how I'd immediately vent out my frustrations in this blog and on Twitter. I'd like to think there has been less angry posts from me because seriously, the world has enough haters in it without me in the bandwagon. I'd also like to think I've been constructive in my criticisms, or if I do paste an entry or re-tweet tweets, I present them as is, without sensationalizing it. One question I ask myself whenever I feel like expressing my anger is: So, how are you going to act on it? I think I can't be vigilant just from my couch alone.
  • Write more handwritten notes: not just thank you notes and gift cards but also letters even if there's no special occasion (target: at least once monthly) - FAIL! LOL! Ironic considering this was the year I received so many notecards as present––and I truly love all of them––except I guess, I love them too much? Also, this was the year I found it difficult to express myself poetically. I guess being in corporate communications for so many years has completely affected my writing style. (Also, I want my sense of humor back!)   
  • To actually read one new book each month, not 12 books a year as I did in 2010 - Yahoo, check na check! I got a bit nervous in the last few weeks because I thought I wouldn't finish the Steve Jobs biography in time. However, the last few chapters of the book got me really hooked (and sad; I might review it later) so I found myself finishing the last page with four more days to spare. Here's the list of what I read this year. The best one, hands down, is The Exact Location of the Soul, followed by A Sense of the World, Tess of the D'Ubervilles, and Pacific Rims. You know what my worst book is. 
  • I will not buy a trend but only classic pieces which I can imagine myself wearing until old age (weight permitting) - I may have bought no more than five items of clothing this year. I think. I guess I did take this bit to heart, and I'm happy with it. I don't think I can stand cleaning my closet again and seeing so many clothes that I don't need––such a waste. At partida, nanalo pa ko sa office ng fashion award kahit paulit-ulit na lang ako ng sinusuot, lol. So it really works for me :-D  
  • De-clutter periodically - Passing grade; I've de-friended someone in real life because life is too short for you not to surround yourself with the best and kindest people. I say no a lot. I'm trimming the excesses, streamlining my life. (Sorry, for the corporate jargon, lol.) Now, I must move on to the boxes of junk hidden under my bed. 
So my 2012 resolutions are:

  • Don't sweat the small stuff––Avoid stress by all means. Online, this means not being part of the lynch mob, especially if I'm not being part of the solution
  • Write letters once a month––it doesn't even have to be handwritten
  • Continue reading one new book each month––Nope, I'm not increasing the number, di ko talaga carry, lol
  • De-clutter every quarter
  • I must be able to do 100 pushups––in one set––by the end of the year.
  • Be more demonstrative in my appreciation of other people; constantly give positive feedback
  • Master the art of tolerance––not everything is about me or pertains to me. It's not about me unless you categorically address it to me; otherwise, dedma!
  • Use my Fisheye 2 again: develop one roll each month
  • Write at least one feature article a month
  • I want to do more for the Pinoy LGBT community

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