Tuesday, December 13, 2011


In the battle between print and digital media, I was all about "Oh, but the smell of paper! The crisp sound that they make as you turn them page by page! The joy of hearing trees scream to their death as you beat their trunks to a pulp!"

And then I got an iPad.

I'm stuck at page 352 of the Steve Jobs biography after having progressed at a glacial pace of two pages in two weeks and thereby threatening to ruin my NY 2011 resolution despite only having 18 more days in the calendar year left. I've stopped using my desktop computer, as well as my TV and DVD. I got my electricity bill last night and it's the lowest it's been since the start of 2011. I haven't updated this blog in a month. My eyebags qualify as luggage.

It's the last thing I hold at night, and the first thing I grab in the morning. (And no, I wasn’t making you guess.) I forget I have a cellphone. My cellphone is on the verge of disintegration—the top and sides have holes in them; the aluminum case smiles open so that if I don't hold it carefully, the keypad would slip out—and I don't care.

I am online 24/7 which means I know what everyone is up to, particularly everyone who has no concept of online privacy. I'm subscribed to various magazines and websites and I get free books—I finally have a copy of Art of War. I may not be able to smell the addicting aroma of a newly bought book, but I can gorgeously flip through an e-book's page with a fingertip. I slide my forefinger across the screen and the page's tip curl everso beautifully; I give it a playful tap, and I don't even have to reach out for my dictionary.

Not that I have a dictionary on my bedside table because I don't.

I rediscovered the joys of chat rooms and emoticons in the company of other Apple-loving friends, particularly how, through emoji alone, we managed to recount how a becky acquaintance must have felt when he married his beard. I've yet to get hooked on any of the games though; I barely have time to go through all the reading material available to me. Or do geeky stuff such as find myself on a map, or find friends on a map and check if they're really where they said they were, or look at the state of parts of Metro Manila traffic in real time, or pose for pictures photo-booth style, or make e-cards to post on friends' Facebook walls, or video YM-ing or Skype-ing anywhere I want to.

I can also stare endlessly at swimming Japanese koi but I was never a fan of the aquarium channel.

And oh my god, Flipboard, how I love thee. My RSS feed is now as pure and pretty as an angel's breath. And thank you for allowing me to mute certain people whom I have no guts to unfollow for fear of hurting their sensibilities. My cojones owe you.

It's got everything I need, and it weighs less than the tears that KC Concepcion shed during her Boy Abunda interview.

When friends asked me how my romance with my iPad has been going along, I answered, "Life-changing." It truly has been.

But for the love of Steve, the camera quality and battery life suck. Otherwise...

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tatiny said...

I love new converts!!! And yes, it is life-changing!!! ^^

Jason said...

Thank you for being my apple guardian angel-slash-temptress, lol ��

thwany said...

i just bought one, too, but i've yet to incorporate it into my life as much as you have. although,i'm looking forward to all the future app suggestions that i think will be appearing on your blog :)

Jason said...

They wiil :-D I got some favorites already!

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