Friday, October 21, 2011

Work Clothes

Okay, I've always tipped my hat to layout artists, especially those I've worked with in PDI, but doing that (points up) made me appreciate their skills and talent even more! Anyway...

I learned about Polyvore from Weekends in the City and I enjoyed reading her entry so much that I decided to try the fashion website as well.

Like WITC, I don't consider myself a fashionista, although, yes, there was a time when I was included in a glossy magazine for being one of the most fasyon college students in Manila. It wasn't a big dealthere were 25 of us (lol)but that experience made me realize that it is my responsibility to the public to look good. 


I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

Seriously. Having to do interviews as a student-journalist, i.e., introduce myself to people and gain their trust, made me conscious of the first impression that I gave. And I was in a creative field, so I had to keep up with the trends, and being young, I just had to belong. So yep, I did put a lot of effort into dressing up. Now, not so much because now, I have a desk job :-P Plus, I have that thing about editing my wardrobe down to the barest essential. Plus, dios mio, it's soo hot in Manila for guys to dress up. At least the ladies can twirl around in their dresses and air whatever needs airing, while we have to cover up our legs (although I think that's really for everyone's visual benefit).

So that above is pretty much my work look. I always roll up my shirt sleeves. Although standing next to the crisp-looking bankers in our elevator building each morning makes me look shabby, I just can't stand looking that yuppie. I commute to work so I always wear my sunglasses. I do have a scarf with a skull print, but I usually wrap it around my wrist. The bracelets, I've written about, though I don't wear them especially when I'm running late because it takes time to pull all those strings tight. And yep, my leather wallet is green, just not that exact brand but the shade is pretty close. I never leave home without a handkerchief. I've blogged about my Casio watch, which by the way, has been bought by many a friend because it is truly classic and inexpensive (though I need to replace my strap).

Bought a similar-looking woven belt from F21 last weekend. That led me to suspect that I am presently in love with the color green. Sneakers, check. Humongous leather bag, check. I'm all set.

By the way, I don't go around carrying my Moleskine outside my bag. I just had to place it there due to layout issues :-P

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eon said...

love. parang gusto kita gayahin. post din ako ng ganito. :)

Jason said...

Go! Hintayin ko post mo :-)


sana may looklet na for guys hahaha

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