Thursday, October 06, 2011

Shamcey x J.Walking

Pam invited me to join the Inquirer Lifestyle staff in interviewing Shamcey but unfortunately I had work.

I know, I know :-(

She and Tatin did ask her to say hi and I pretty much bounced with glee as I saw this on Twitter, lol.

I never owned an Apple product, but now I can actually say thank you, Steve Jobs.

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Elvin said...


Jason said...

Haha, thanks Elvin! :-D

Jessel Duque said...

Super late bati: Pero happy birthday!

PS. What does it tell you na natuwa ako na may comma between "hi" and "jason" kahit na puro lower caps ang bati? Hehehe. :P

Jason said...

Thanks! :-)

Wait, I need to ask my friend if Shamcey's the one who wrote that, haha!

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