Monday, October 03, 2011

Friends with Benefits

rating: 9.9/10

I was smiling, if not laughing, the whole time the movie was shown because, aside from the stellar casting and dialogues, it was amusing to watch our heterosexual sisters and brothers jump through hoops just to have meaningless sex!

One would think it shouldn't be a problem to engage in such coupling really, especially if you are Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. We assume that by their hotness, whoever they are paired up with end up deranged or in a fit of hysteria brought by unrequited love. However, in the movie, as it is in movies, they're the ones who apparently need to keep their emotions in check.

There's a newsflash: hot people get rejected too!

Once you get over thatactually, it shouldn't be hard as you'll see in the beginning of the movie; they get dumped respectively by hot people toothen it becomes easier to ride along the premise because Justin and Mila are very casual and nonchalant about their hotness, and so you think it may just be possible that they have to deal with these proletarian issues like we normal people do, lol.

Digression: Don't you just love hot people who are like that? Yesterday, I was watching this reality show which featured couples preparing for a dinner party. This guy, who was otherwise gorgeous, prepared the meals shirtless under his apron! Yack; god knows what bodily sheddings ended up in those dishes. I'm not really a fan of hot people who are ingratiating in their hotness, if that makes sense :-P To demonstrate: I love Hideo Muraoka but Fabio Ide irritates me. Both are hot, but they 'deal' (lol) with their gorgeousness differently.

Going back to the movie, aside from the leads' onscreen chemistry and hilarious conversations, I really loved Richard Jenkins, who played the father of Justin. That scene wherein he gripped his head in frustration because life is so shortwow, that really provided me with a beautiful perspective, particularly on birthdays. Mine is coming up and I always whine about how I'm getting older blah, blah, blahbut that scene made me think about the people who would love to have more birthdays but their clocks just won't tick further for much longer, or they've stopped ticking altogether.

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Grammar Killer said...

I have never seen Justin Timberlake that HOT before. Haha. ^^

Jason said...

Haha, I agree! Saw him in a totally different light, thanks to the film. Poor Britney, lol.

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