Tuesday, October 11, 2011


rating: 4.9/10

The trailer says it all.

I'm too bored to even write a review of the film. There were funny moments and I wasn't particularly irritated by anything in the movie (except for the cuts made by the  Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) but still, I could only muster a 4 rating because I'd much rather you spend your money on food or drinks or on dudes who'd be happy with lugaw and yosi. It seemed other people had that bright idea (lugaw sales were supposedly up 5 percent over Monday figures) since aside from my group of friends, there were only two other people in the cinema.

That isn't to say we weren't very bright, just equal opportunity enablers because we believe a movie that underscores Ryan Reynolds' finer qualities as a sit-ups enthusiast deserves our money. Unfortunately, the movie decided not to highlight such splendor, and instead focused on Ryan's ability as a thespian. This is sourly disappointing because as much as we love good acting, Ryan Reynolds's abs alone had a better shot winning the Oscars for Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role than Ryan himself being nominated for any category for this role.

Nevertheless, it's a good movie for guys and I won't even mention the few number of nipples that assaulted us onscreen (oops, I just did) because aren't we all dying to know what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence? Granted what I see across mine isn't filled with imageries of fatherhood and marriage and a law career, the heart-warming cliches this movie offers make me thankful for the wonderful things I have and do not have in life. But for P190? You can charitably feed lugaw to someone for several days for that amount and get the same satisfying feeling of virtuousness.

5 * :

Jillsabs said...

Hi Jason!

Would you be interested in reviewing the newly launched Watsons Men's range of products? :)

Jason said...

Hi Jill,

Sorry, I can't :-( I easily break out when I switch facial products. Thanks for the invite though!

jillsabs said...

Awww...sayang :(

melvel said...

This was so crass but I still sat through it for the love of Jason Bateman :)

Jason said...

Did you see Horrible Bosses? Adored him there! Liked him here too.

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