Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UP Pep Squad 2011: Express yourself!

Here's what I ended up writing for InterAKTV about last Saturday's UAAP Cheerdance competition. I did think I'd be criticized for over-analyzing the routine (and I was; but it's a fair criticism, in my opinion :-D). In my review, I looked at UP's cheerdance routine as performance art, hence my article.

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Now, as to my all-time fave (and heavy stuff aside), I can't decide between this and their 2008 routine: their Tribo routine had drama, and I really loved what they did for the drumbeat, segment and pyramid/mounting transitions, costume, and choreography.

This Madonna routine had the most difficult stunts (the men are soo strong; no wonder the routine focused on partner stunts) and it's one of the most fun perfomances they've had. Regarding the technical aspects: in the past, UP usually opened its routine with tosses, but this time, they started it with four sets of double cupiethat's a single base carrying two fliers, one on each hand.

More from the article:
The ladies were just as strong; in the routine’s first pyramid (0:47), four mid-fliers balanced five top fliers on their thighs, shoulders and arms. You can also just imagine the strain this placed on the four bases below. The way this pyramid was mounted—the third set of fliers were merely thrown to the top—made this an extremely difficult stunt.

The team launched into full-on assault mode beginning at the 3:26 mark with six scorpions (3:31) to arabesque (3:37) with full-down dismount. Four fliers performed a double back handspring to cradle position (3:44) and then from an extended level, they were tossed to a single-base extension (3:47), dismounting with a bird-front. The craziness continued as they did four rewinds (3:57) finishing with a double full-down dismount. At 4:23, two fliers did a double full twist, the team’s most complicated tosses for this piece.

Also, I can't believe the ladies managed to pull off wearing cone bras, which turned into pompoms (1:05), lol! They looked gorgeous in their blond hair plus, ang daming gwapo, lol! At syempre, I loved the cheerdance mix :-D

So yeah, I'm still on the fence as to which my number one fave routine is, but then, I can also have two number #1s, right?

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heyjay said...

Sige na. Kayo na! Hehehe

Jason said...

LOL! Eh ganon talaga eh :-P

melvel said...

Is it still called a cupie when the base is supported by another person? Di ba a cupie is when one person carries one flyer on each hand, and that's it (meaning no assistance). Akala ko pa naman may nakapag double cupie na dito!

Jason said...

I did check if "assisted cupie" is a Pinoy thing, pero based on my Google searches, foreign teams also use the term.

Also, according to this:

an awesome or cupie "is a stunt where a top person has both feet together in the hand(s) of the base(s)."

Note that base may be plural.

Meron din silang separate entry for "single-based double cupie" so *I think* the fact na may qualifier for it, means pwede mong sabihin "double cupie" to mean assisted sya.

Katrina said...

di ko napanood ng buo yung routine last weekend kaya manghang-mangha ako when I watched it through your youtube vid. kaya pala blonde! grabe, what an awesome display of strength!

Jason said...

True, walang payatot sa team kaya ang sarap nilang panoorin, lol.

melvel said...

Thanks for the clarification on the double cupie. Sanay kasi ako sa YouTube of US teams where a cupie is one hand lang talaga, both feet. Has anyone ever attempted to do that in competition locally? Sa UAAP or NCC?

Jason said...

Galit yata talaga US teams sa assisted. Pati rewinds nila walang alalay, hehe.

Good question -- haven't checked if may gumawa na sa UAAP compet itself. Pero sa mga teaser vids & photos, parang may gumagawa ng cupie sa DLSU, ADMU and UP, if I'm not mistaken.

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