Sunday, September 25, 2011

Revlon Professional Makeover Weekend

Two Saturdays ago, hours before the UAAP Cheerdance competition, Pam invited me to join her and Tatin for a free makeover at Revlon's training center in Brgy Kapitolyo in Pasig.

We were given the option to choose one of the following:  haircut + hair treatment; color + hair treatment; or color + highlights. I selected the third option and it was perfect timing because I had been itching to color my hair.

I told the stylist that I wanted something "subtle, parang naarawan lang" lol, and from the swatches, she picked out dark and light chestnut and I agreed.

My hair's very shortI had a haircut a week before thisso one of the colorists, Michael, had to painstakingly foil strands of my hair to achieve the highlights. Kudos to him!

This is not the first time I had my hair coloredthough it's been years since my lastso I pretty much expected the stinging sensation (I shampooed my hair about 45 minutes before the procedure, from home) and the nauseous smell.

There was none of that. I mean, I could smell the dye but it wasn't aggressive at all and my scalp felt nothing. It was as if the stylist slapped a chunk of brown conditioner on my hair and left it there for 20 minutes.

The product they used on methe Revlon Nutri Color lineis a hair treatment and hair color rolled into one. And true enough, after they've shampooed and blow-dried my hair, it was so soft! (And it remains soft to this dayI'd let you touch it when you see me in person, lol.) I was absolutely blown away because my hair never felt this awesome after a color. And my brown hair and highlights are so subtle that no one has commented on it yetno one from my family or work, lol. But Pam and Tatin liked it, and I do too. 

The colors are seen only when light is hitting my hair.

I can't wait to try other colors. The goodie bag had these:

but I think this one's for touch-ups only. Not too sure if the color's going to stickI'd try it once I have the courage to go "pearl blond". (Tangerine is out of the question.)

I also received a sample bottle of Orofluido,

which is a fantastic serum for my hair. It's very light and not sticky or oily at all. By the time I get back home from work, my hair's still not gooey from the product, so I like it very much.

The salons offering Revlon's hair color products are listed here. You may also follow Revlon Philippines on Facebook and Twitter.

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thwany said...

love the packaging for the creme.

Dats said...

ang cute naman! i thought it was marble! hehehe

Jason said...

Yeah, it's pretty cute and clever. But I think this is a sample size too -- which is just perfect for my short hair :-D

Dats, nakaka-iskandalo yang photo mo, lol!!!

heyjay said...

Dats? More like Daks! Hihihi! :D

Jason said...

Sige, aura lang, lol!

Jillsabs said...

Hi Jason!

Can I cross-post this on Kikay Exchange? :)

Sige na...pretty please :)

Jason said...

Hello Jill!

Sure, no prob! :-D

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