Friday, September 16, 2011

Ready? OK! The 2011 UAAP Cheerdance preview

The UAAP Cheerdance Competition has gotten so competitive that a major error in a routine — that means falls in partner stunts and pyramids — will leave you out of contention for a podium finish.

Last year’s top three, the UP Pep Squad, FEU Cheering Squad and UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe, had no such mistakes. The Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion and the DLSU Animo Squad attempted to surpass UST in terms of their respective routines’ difficulty — and in some areas, they did — but major errors cost them a placement in the top three last year.

So do you remain relatively safe in your stunts in the hope of avoiding errors that can prove too costly to gamble? Or do you take risks, hoping that the routine you’ve practiced for several months will be perfect on the five minutes on Saturday that you need it to be perfect.

Such is the story of this year’s competition. For UP and FEU, there is no question that they have perfected taking risks and having a flawless routine, making them the best cheerleading teams in the country. For the rest of the squads, we’ll know how they’ll play their cards at 3 p.m on Saturday.

Here’s how we’re ranking the eight UAAP cheerdancing teams based on their historical performances in the UAAP, as well as on cheerleading competitions outside the league, where some of them have performed.

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Katrina said...

can't wait for the recap! I want your opinion on the blonde look!

BTW, you might want to win this for a friend: Plus Size Fasyon Mudra Patalastas shirt giveaway

Jason said...

Why, what's yours? :-D In person they looked good :-D Di ko lang gano bet ang uniform ng ladies; never ako naging fan ng 80s fashion.

Happy Birthday ulit! Yup, I'll join the raggle :-)

Katrina said...

hahaha actually inaabangan ko review mo para ma-explain kung bakit blonde. unang tingin ko kasi with the costumes akala ko parang dragon ball ang theme. madonna pala! ker-plank!!

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