Friday, September 09, 2011

Philippines: No consecutive placements in 37 years

"Don't count your chickens before they are hatched."

"Eh bakit, egg ba si Shamcey?"

-   an exchange by Missosology forum members, lol

The preliminary competitionwherein a separate panel of judges (Lea Salonga not included) selected the Top 15 finalistswas held at 8 a.m. today, Manila time. And based on the quote above, it's safe to say that the beckies are confident of Shamcey's chances for the Top 15, which will be announced during the finals night telecast on Tuesday. (9 a.m., Manila time, on Star World.)

In an interview with OPMB, Shamcey said that one of the few English words that his Colombian runway trainer knows is "tsunami" and that he instructed her to walk as if she was creating waves of mass destruction with her hips, lol.

I think she pretty much took that lesson to heart during the preliminary competition:

Being a pageant neophyte, she had one of the strangest walks during her Bb Pilipinas days, but earlier, she was able to hold her own against the world's heavily trained runway divas.

Her problem is that she loses her balance when she needs to stand still and pose, clearly seen in her rehearsal video:

Rehearsal video

She improved during the actual competition, but she still lost her balance in the final pit stop of the swimsuit round (1:06 mark); our only consolation was that the judges would have already entered their scores at this point. In any case, I just love that half-of-a-quarter kembot turn she did at the 0:37 mark! A signature move that will surely inspire many a copycat.

Having said that, just imagine how beauty pageants, particularly Miss Universe, the most competitive of them all, can be very unforgiving. You are being judged for 18 seconds per round, in front of millions of people at that, and those 18 seconds can change the course of your entire life! (And for some of these ladies, *ehem, Miss Venezuela*, they have trained for one full year for an 18-second performance. Imagine that.) Same with the question-and-answer portion: 20-seconds can spell the difference between the winner and loser.

As for the evening gown, FINALLY!!! For the first time since 1999 (that's 12 years ha), I'm happy with what Stella Araneta made our candidate wear. Ang lakas maka see-through, lol.

I love how liquid, ultra sexy, and sophisticated it looks. Not hoochie or kuku (kukurtinahin, lol!) at all! This was what I was very worried about before, because unlike Venus who can pull off a kuku, Shamcey's not at that level yet. Turned out I shouldn't have worried.

As a conclusion, I have high hopes that for the first time in 37 years, the Philippines will make it as a finalist for two consecutive years. (Our last consecutive placements were from 1972 to 1975yes, four years in a row.) Hopefully, she also makes history by being the first UP alumna to ever make it to the Miss Universe finals :-)

I'll post my top 15 choices soon as soon as I see the the performances of all candidates.

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