Saturday, September 03, 2011

The pageant whisperer (lol)

I have a feeling Shamcey listens to me, lol.

When I wrote about how I found her too thin during Bb Pilipinas, she went ahead and gained some pounds prior to her trip to Brazil:



When I blogged about how she needed to be more concise in her answers and be bubbly while at it, lo and behold:


I have to admit I cringed the first time I saw thisit's not exactly what I expected of her, given her credentials. However, after seeing the videos of the other candidates, Shamcey seemed more genuine and spontaneous compared to the rest.

When I (sort of) campaigned in Missosology for her to start wearing red lipstick again as she did during Bb Pilipinas, she started wearing red.

From boring brown:

to luscious and sophisticated red:

I am still waiting for the return of her smokey blue eyes with glitters, although I understand it is not exactly an "everyday" look:

I am also happy that for this year, Shamcey has made respectable wardrobe choices. They are not quite Miss Japan, but trust me, they are a huge improvement from the former Ms. Philippines representatives. Previously, representatives would recycle the clothes of their predecessors; this "phenomenon" has spawned many threads in Missosology under the title, Ang Mahiwagang Baul (The Magical Chest). Here are some examples:

Ms World PH 2008 (left) and Ms World PH 2007

Ms World PH 2008 and Ms Universe PH 2008 (right)

(From left) Ms Universe PH 2004, Ms International PH 2004 and Ms Universe PH 2003

Ms World PH 2006, Ms Universe PH 2006 (top), Ms International PH 2006, and Ms Universe PH 2002

Juice ko, hygienic pa ba yan, LOL!!!!

Now, the joke is that finally, nasunog na ang mahiwagang baul, lol. So far, Shamcey has yet to wear something from the baul from a year ago. (She has worn a gown worn by another candidate in Bb Pilipinas 2011.)

Now what else does she need improvement on?

Her walk has improved greatly but I think there's too much of a hip action going here, thus her walk looks labored (0:48):

Last year's Miss Universe first runner-up did this too, but somehow, it looked more natural on Yendi Phillips.

In terms of catwalk, only few can outperform Venus Raj's swimsuit competition performance, and I think Shamcey can do better by emulating her walk instead of Yendi's:

Meanwhile, you can still vote for Shamcey at the Miss Universe website (and make sure to rate her 10). You can vote up to 10 times per day per email address until September 12. It should be safe; I've yet to receive spam from Miss Universe :-)

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Iggy said...

very latina ang arrive ni lola shamcey!

Jason said...

Yes, kung maka-eksena parang veteran lang!

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